Emilie Millie

Emilie Millie

    1. Re: Want A Review?

      This please.

    2. Re: Review Swaps! As many as possible!

      If you're still down for a review swap check Marauding God

    3. Hi, about this sex scene, I was curious about what would you think as a reader or as a fellow writer about th (...)

      First, I'd like to say that I'm a coward, so I'm posting from an alt account to avoid my story being 0.5 bombed. So basically, the theme of my novel is how immortality (to be exact, eutheurealism; my (...)

    4. Re: What do you wish more Cultivation Xianxia stories would include/exclude?

      A decent fucking romance.  There is no sadder fate than being a jade beauty in a cultivation story. The from renegade immortal was the most decent one I've ever seen (the jade beauty was a dying soul (...)

    5. Re: Story Growing Slowly: Should I Give Up?

      :DrakanPopcorn:  As someone who gave up, I feel great now. If you feel the boat is sinking, be a rat, leave the boat. :DrakanThinking: Though I'm more of a rat who jumped out of the boat but drowned (...)

    6. Blind character, any fighting tips?

      I'm about to blind my character (I need him to lose sight for character developpment sake). I knoW that blindness is no joking matter, but the entire plot and ending of my novel, lie on the fact that (...)