1. Re: Most success stories on RR go like this: they posted 7 days a week, then slowed down to 5. Got a question (...)

      Oh, so posting every day almost guarantees getting on Rising stars. Thank you for the info! Too bad I can't write that fast, it takes me hours to write 1.5k words. Guess I should've waited to have (...)

    2. Re: Gonna make a cyberpunk novel. Advice?

      I'd get taken out of the story for the logistical reasons that Ralen said. Then again, we're in a world that androids and tech like Lazor swords and cyber shit exists. I think that it'll be (...)

    3. Re: Lack of purely monsterous protagonists in fiction. Why could this be?

      It is really difficult to write about niche groups nowadays, without being criticized for doing it wrong. Now imagine finding a sensitive reader for your Troll protagonist. ;-) I do have one alien protagonist, (...)

    4. Finished my story WAVE

      I'm so busy with writing my NaNo, that I nearly missed, that my backlog for WAVE ran out yesterday. So hooray, my first story on RR is completed! (Ignoring the fact that the German version was concluded (...)

    5. Re: Hi, I'm a Reader

      Welcome to RR! You'd better go incognito again, now, after declaring yourself as a reader. :-D Seriously, have fun reading, and good luck on finding stuff to your liking!

    6. Re: What you think about Kindle Unlimited vs Royal Road?

      I'm also planning on putting my German works to KU, after having them on several platforms and after refining them with user feedback. So I'll always have a mix of several platforms where you can read (...)

    7. Re: Where I write the most

      Well, there are jobs with long downtimes. If there really is nothing you can do but twiddle thumbs, you can as well write. Would be a different story if you were actually earning money with it.

    8. Re: 50k words!

      Congrats! Sending cookies and energy for the next 50k!

    9. Re: Time.

      Two months for Wave, during last year's NaNo and December. Another month editing and some days translating.

    10. Re: Val Just discovered Text-To-Speech on IOS

      I have yet to find a German TTS I really enjoy listening to. But I like STT to write on my way home without typing. Just have to ignore some strange looks and the occasional bystander calling the police. (...)

    11. Re: Got my first comment! Also...

      Another great thing is the suggestion helper which you can enable in your story settings. People can mark a portion of your text, edit it and you'll get a diff showing what he would add or delete. As much (...)

    12. Re: My absolute best tip for writers: the incognito search window

      Never seeing any ads. Well, only on RR for other stories. But that is still good advice.

    13. Re: Author Websites...?

      I have one and but it is mostly a hub pointing to all the various platforms I write at or showing some additional info that doesn't fit on any of the platforms. As L.J. Anders said, you won't have much (...)

    14. Re: How important is length consistency when releasing chapters?

      I have yet to experience that varying chapter-length changes something for my reader retention. Most of my finished novels were written during NaNo, therefore the first chapters are usually shorter until (...)

    15. Re: How have I not known about this Community before now?

      Welcome to RR! Glad you found your way. When I started years ago, there were even fewer ways to post your stories online. Blogs or awkward forums. It is great that we have multiple platforms tailor-made (...)

    16. Re: Finished the book and an unexpected Rising Stars?!

      Congrats! What a nice way to reward you for finishing your 1st book.

    17. Re: Want a free (semi)promotion for your story?!

      Sounds like fun. "Wave" wants to join in!

    18. Re: Welp, Val Bit The Bullet

      I'd put it in the description that genres might change by volume.  You might as well add some kind of foreword at the start of each volume. Like: THIS IS NO GAMELIT YET - but keep on reading and you (...)

    19. Re: Wattpad Survivor Looking for a New Home

      Welcome to RR! Hey, I've seen your name on the Wattpad Reddit a few times. You might like RR's forums then. 😉 Wattpad is a mess but it still works for me, additionally to other sites. There really (...)

    20. Re: Substack

      Actually, it was a substack post that I accidentally stumbled upon that led me to RR. With the web serial market so flooded these days, the most important features you need are discoverability and (...)