Legend of the Spellthief

That guilty pleasure isekai gamer we all love

Style: 4.5, this is the type of work that could only be done by someone who's put hours into spellchecking, fact checking, and prose; technically competent in every level. In addition to this, the status screens, phone screens etc are easily some of the most advanced on the site. the only complaint i have is the sometimes slightly lacking level of description, which in of itself is easly dismissible and highly subjective. 

story: 3.5, again, technically competent in its lack of backtracking, no immediately obvious plot holes and consistent chronology, but so far sorely lacking of a overarching plot beyond 'x skill getting +15% power'.

grammar: 5, even after scanning the every chapter I've went through twice, i have not seen Any type-os. At all.

Character: 3, not the best, the author does little to expand characters after the chapter they debut, even, disappointingly, the mc, who seems to only think about skills, even mere minutes after his death.

In conclusion, this is very much the typical isekai gamer fix, but refined and highly skilled in its construction regardless, making it the perfect guilty pleasure fic to sink your teeth into after a long day at work or school. Highly recommended. Well done!

edit: this made me spend half a hour trying to figure out where to put a full stop after a quote

edit2: I got distracted by the olympics, sorry this took so long! 
edit3: I typed this on my phone, so sorry for any type-os! (≧▽≦)

Molting the Mortal Coil

My eyes hurt because I binged this in two days, don't be me.

Regardless, this was pretty good, though I wouldn't trust my shaky ass sleep deprived grasp of the story, shallow characters, unfocused, a few too many plot points, way too much exposition, but good regardless, it had a huge ass word count great fight scenes, impressive variety, and got progressively more and more skilled and hooking as the story progressed.

if I had one piece of advice for the author, (bearing in mind that he's much much much better at writing than me) it would be to try to make the characters talk to each other more.

The Chronicles of Sorataki: Phantom rocket

To start with the highest ratings I gave, characters and story, I believe that, by far, the main selling point of this novel is the Interactions between Andrew and Natalie, the dialogue is well done, in character and doesn't strain my suspension of disbelief. The story is believable, stays relatively on track and doesn't stall or go to fast, on the other hand, I had to reread several parts of the story multiple times to figure out the chain of continuity and the power levels of Natalie and Andrew vary wildly, often within the same fight with no discernible reason.

The grammar, though easly fixable and completely understandable, is the main thing dragging this fix down from getting a higher score, there are surprisingly few actual type-os (Did she image it? Being of of the few) there are many cases where there are words that are either unnecessary or just don't quite fit ( a few examples are....

That rebellious resistance: I don't think rebellious was worth using here?

She looks back towards him only then relisted that he had yet to let go of her wrist. By doing so Natalie Imminently slid down the slope and leaped up on a tree branch to jump onto another. A double example, a type-o in using relisted instead of realised and imminently doesn’t really fit into that sentence, and kinda redundant.

I do not know exactly what is meant by ‘style’ so I gave a rough average.

In conclusion, I believe that, barring a few grammar issues dragging the score down that could be fixed, this story is a very respectable and honestly impressive work, and I’ll be sure to watch what you write in the future, good luck! :D (I wrote this on my phone, so apologies for any mistakes (≧▽≦)). 
edit: on a re-read, upped the score a bit, the story's so good! :D