Carl Dehal

Carl Dehal

    1. Re: Novel Ranking - How To?

      From what I've discovered, Ranking is a metric adjusted to your Rating.  Your position in the Ranking is determined by the averaged rating of all your ratings and reviews (with reviews and full reviews (...)

    2. Re: general new author tips?

      1. Plan out the main story beats. That includes who the MC and their fellows are, the antagonist, the mentor, the father and mother figures and love interests for them too. Make sure you know what (...)

    3. Re: King Arthur

      I have a pretty deep interest in the Arthurian legends, especially the earlier records that describe him as a real warlord. My grandfather was from a region of Gloucestershire near Caerleon (Forest of (...)

    4. Re: Finally published my second novel!

      Congratulations! Best wishes for your success!

    5. Re: Why do people like LitRPG?

      It's a nice way to quantify comparative power scales between enemies, especially in RPG's that explain how their stats inter-relate. It's also a great way of explaining fantasy and sci-fi loot systems. (...)

    6. Re: How viable is writing really as a proffession

      Hi! I'm a 12th grader preparing for Jee and my question is wether writing is a viable career. I'll put my view first 1. Too little opportunity: There are no established ways too get money. Writing (...)

    7. Re: Tagging Abuse

      I suppose it depends on the overall tone of the work.  If you start the book with "Traumatic Content" warnings, and it's thematically consistent, I wouldn't worry too much about re-stating the fact (...)

    8. Re: Alright! You've seen what DOESN'T work for Marketing, how about telling us what that was so we can learn (...)

      I haven't run any ads yet. Kinda working the experiment with a fellow author who has run ads. They DID achieve significant growth rapidly. Thus: Ads do work. The problem then becomes retention. You (...)

    9. Re: How do people accrue reviews so easily?

      A lot of people seek out review swaps. This gets them some early feedback, but given that they are swapping with other authors who don't want a "revenge rating" the feedback is always positive (it doesn't (...)

    10. Re: #4500 and 400 Views!

      I’m so excited, I’m soooo excited! My little fiction has really been dropping through the ranks, and the views are only going up and up and up - reader retention is increasing, people are leaving lovely (...)

    11. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      What you can expect:  The year is 1329, and the Horns of the Apocalypse are about to sound. In a small Scottish town, a young boy begins a journey from a carpenter's apprentice to one of the most (...)

    12. Re: Just hit 10,000 followers for Salvos! Offering shoutouts to celebrate!

      Hey! Congratulations!  Just hit rising stars, so I’m at the baby steps part of the journey! :)  Can only imagine how good you feel right now! That’s a massive achievement! Well done!

    13. Re: How to actually get started with marketing.

      So, I am in the editing and posting stage but to be perfectly honest I have zero clue how to attract readers. More so ones that wiill maybe comment and actually tell me if something is good or bad. (...)

    14. Re: Losing followers

      Definitely nothing to worry about. A lot of readers on the site simply like to keep their followers list fresh with new stuff, unaware or not caring that it directly ties into the metrics RR tracks. (...)

    15. Re: "There's nothing new under the sun..."

      Just out of curiosity, has anyone come across a genuinely unique idea in any of the stories they've read, here? As in -- something you have not seen done before? SPOILER: I read a story on this site (...)

    16. Re: CK2 is a good game!

      Loved it. Big fan of medieval world games. I recently saw a Mod for CK:3 where it's crossed over with Bannerlord for the battle scenes. Thought that was kinda badass. Need to wait for the semiconductor (...)

    17. Re: I've finally updated Days of Blood and Roses after 5 months!

      Back in the saddle for another round of write/edit/post/lurk/repeat? You are one brave soul. I salute and congratulate you.

    18. Re: Gamelit VS. Litrpg

      In my opinion the difference is about Reader experience. If a reader interacts with the characters through Role-played progression of characters and stat-sheets, I'd call that a LitRPG. They're the (...)

    19. Re: I'd like your opinion for a bad guy

      Sounds a lot like my current agonist. Demon from the demon realms who's excited for the opportunity to level up and slake his thirst for blood. But yeah. One of the ideas I was working on for another (...)

    20. Re: Got over 30 chapters published!

      Congrats! Hope I see you back here at 60!