1. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      The Dao of Magic Even though I walk through the valley of procrastination and short attention spans, I will fear no hiatus, for I shall pledge to finish the story. Even though I plan a maximum of (...)

    2. Looking for some casual proofreaders.

      Hello everyone! I am the author of The Dao of Magic and I am looking for some more people to proofread my work. I use Google Docs for my writing and proofreading process. If you join, I will PM you (...)

    3. RE: are there any good light novels where MC is beastkin of any type

      Lament of the Fallen: Kitsune demon hybrid. Lady Bunny: vrmmo with beast bunny girl.

    4. RE: ~Recommendations~

      Fiction Name: The Dao of Magic Genre: Xianxia/fantasy Number of Chapters: 42 Word Count: A bit over 2k words per chapter = 84k words Any Additional Comments: A thousand-year-old braincore cultivator (...)

    5. RE: Something like Number One Under the Heavens

      My story is funny (or so I'm told) and has cultivation. It has over 40 chapter now and I update multiple times per week. Other good stories are Andur's stories and Lament of the Fallen.

    6. RE: Come tickle my funny bone!

      I need to finish Blue Mage, I read the rest of those RRL stories. I will check out Handbook and Dragoon, thanks for the suggestions!

    7. Come tickle my funny bone!

      No funny business, ok? I am sure that there are a lot of hilarious stories out there, and I am sure because I think I read them all! So do you know a funny story that can leave me gasping for air? (...)

    8. RE: A story with a MC that's not retarded

      I'm hopping on the self promotion train! Check my sig. But besides my masterpiece (coughcough), I recommend the following: Into the black Emerillia Necro tourists Lament of the fallen (and previous work)

    9. RE: Ancient MC

      Check my tag, MC is around a thousand years old. I've got about a hundred pages written now. Further fics: Apex Predator Body and Soul (anything by Andur involves immortals) Dex's Adventure Through (...)

    10. RE: Help me fellow Daoists! I need ideas for interesting Xianxian novel situations

      I was getting sick and tired of the cultivation aspect itself being mostly glossed over. I want to read about how it works on a physical scale, not bullshit like: 'an ancient and archaic aura' or stuff (...)

    11. RE: Where can I find Number One Under Heaven

      It's back baby, woooohooooo.

    12. RE: New stories to watch out for

      I took the plunge and started writing something coherent. The Dao of Magic A top tier cultivator gets his ascension progress rudely interrupted and slapped into (...)

    13. Join me in an exiting adventure in The Dao of Magic

      Hello fellow readers. I started typing my very own story last week and just now posted the second chapter. Youbare very welcome to give it a read. Please leave me some feedback. Indoor really care about (...)

    14. RE: Light novel where MC is A Demon lord and Wants to be good

      The demon lord is bored On novelupdates: yuusha party

    15. RE: looking for a serie with a lot of smut/ 18 + scenes

      I found this link in my bookmarks: Have fun!

    16. RE: looking for a serie with a lot of smut/ 18 + scenes

      What is it like to be eternal Horrible, absolutely atrociously written chapters filled with smut. It's so bad, I think ill have to read them again just to confirm how bad they are... hmm... yes Maou (...)

    17. RE: a Harem Story

      Arcane Emperor Recently MC gained 2nd chick. Beast Dao Cultivator Main wife + concubine Any stories by Markious of scottf14 have harems.

    18. RE: Looking for druid type mc

      Mortalis Mortal MC gains nature powers through *spoiler* about halfway through the current chapters. Beast Dao Cultivator It's a stretch, but cultivating with beast companions is related to nature? (...)

    19. RE: Harem

      The arcane Emperor World seed Sole survivor Pitch black dreams Just of the top of my head. Also check out Three Square Meals on Literotica for a sci-fi harem with a lot of 18+ stuff and some questionable (...)