A Universe of Bloody Evolution

A Universe of Bloody (...)
by Chaos65
98 pages

The doors to the Void were never meant to be left open.

Leo Hale, a young reporter from Wolford, learned about it firsthand when the entire world was consumed by bright red flash. He could remember the pain, the screams, and most importantly the three blurry lines of text hanging in front of his vision as his mind fought to stay awake.

Universe No. 435 collapsed.

The First Cataclysm of the 64th Outbreak is beginning.

Survivor of the 237th Universe, prepare yourself.

Fancy words, yet nothing could have prepared him for a world where the majority of the population was transformed into monsters straight out of nightmares.

Thrust into a constant battle for his life, Leo had to push forward and find what was left of his family, the only thing that truly mattered. If it meant sacrificing what was left of his humanity and embracing the new reality where the mysterious system was his only true ally, so be it.

After all, in a world where almost everything wants to kill him, Leo has only two choices.

Adapt or die.

A Universe of Bloody Evolution is a story of progression and evolution with my take on the post-apocalyptic genre. Unlike most monster evolution stories where the monster rushes to gain human form, here I plan to do something quite the opposite.

Warnings are here to give me the freedom to write whatever is necessary. English isn't my native language so any feedback is welcome. Remember that even if initially this story takes place on Earth, fictional places, streets, etc will appear.

Release Schedule: Mon-Fri (1 chapter per day)

Average chapter length: 2000-3000 words (With some exceptions, usually meaning longer chapters)

Cover art by: liuzishan on Freepik

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Quill & Still

Quill & Still
by Pastafarian
261 pages

Shem is a backwater, a place where ambition gives way to peace and the quiet life. 

Sophie Nadash once yearned to understand life and chemistry. Now a disillusioned scientist of middle age, she yearns to set aside pipettes and polymerase forever.

A chance encounter with the Goddess Artemis sets her on the path to becoming an [Alchemist] in the Shemmai village of Kibosh. Freed from the hustle of Earth, she can relax, make friends, and rediscover her love for chemistry through its mystical precursor.

Cover by Roger Creus. Discord link is in the Author's Notes; come hang out with us!

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DEMON CORE : [A Demon-King Dungeon-Core LitRPG]

DEMON CORE : [A Demon-King (...)
by Razzmatazz
176 pages

[I originally wanted to become a poet, but I decided to become the terrible Demon-King in order to end the life of every living creature in my search for true beauty instead!]

[Dungeon-Core][Demon-King][Base Building][litRPG][Villain][Revenge][Long Chapters]

Updates every 3 out of 4 Thursdays

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I Wear It Black - LitRPG Apocalypse

I Wear It Black - LitRPG (...)
by _Fowl_
260 pages


Follow James Clark as he is thrust into a weird tutorial with the co-workers he hates so much and that he ratted out to the IRS, collaborates with a sassy horse, and learns how to ride through hellish landscapes and skewer monsters with his lance. Humanity will soon learn, after coming back to Earth after the Tutorial, that they are not the apex predator anymore. Not by a long shot. All this while enjoying some well-placed geeky and movie-buff references!

Only two chapters a week, around 3k to 4.5k words each. Quality first and foremost.

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Ends of Magic: Antimage LitRPG

Ends of Magic: Antimage (...)
by Salk's Disciple
335 pages

Nathan Lark wished for magic at every birthday until his teens. When he’s summoned to a fantasy world by an Archmage eager to discuss Earth’s technology, Nathan can finally stop worrying about his dissertation in stem cell biology. 

Unfortunately, that’s because his problems are bigger now. In a world where magic is the tool of the oppressor, Nathan needs to make a choice. Magic, or morality? And once he’s chosen, will he try to survive the world of Davrar, or change it?

Ends of Magic is a high fantasy story where Magic is the source of great evil and great wonder. Follow Nathan as he tries to find a place in an inhospitable world with a deep history and interesting people. He will make friends and enemies, exploring a world that does not work like ours

New chapters will be Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I have a good backlog and will definitely finish the first book. I do have a fairly long story planned, and if I decide to stop posting at any point I will write up a summary of the planned arcs and where the story ends.

Note: Nathan is a Bisexual man, and will appreciate both genders. However, romance is not planned to be a significant part of the story.

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The Slytherin Magus

The Slytherin Magus
by _Ink_
525 pages

Liam Smith dies after a pitiful existence on earth and transmigrates into the dying body of a Wizard in the Harry Potter Universe.

He is granted a simple system that has the potential to make him one of the strongest Wizards but the path he has to take is not an easy one.

Join him as he starts at the very bottom, rejected from every side, and makes his way to the pinnacle of the Wizarding world.

*** The setting of this fic is post-cannon, starting off right after the end of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, (excluding the epilogue) ***

*** The System previously contained an OOC Feature which has been edited out please point out any inconsistencies that you might see. ***

*** This fanfiction is being published on Webnovel, ScribbleHub, and RoyalRoad by me. ***

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Netherborne [An OP Monster LitRPG]

Netherborne [An OP Monster (...)
171 pages

Netherborne do not tire, nor do they die. Instead, they consume all that lives until there is no more. When a Netherborne is summoned to the mortal plane, civilizations that stood for centuries are toppled overnight while their nobles evacuate to the seas. As a being from the void, the world fights the Netherborne's existence. However, resistance is futile; prey can only run.

But what happens when a human mind inhabits such a creature? Does only destruction await or will there be a new age of civilization?

Cover art is generated with an AI and owned by me.

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Zane Black (A LITRPG progression fantasy)

Zane Black (A LITRPG (...)
by LyonBemuny
347 pages

Update #3 20th August 2022 - 2 :

Most of the chapters were re-edited. I've fixed even more stuff since their first release. 

This is the first fiction I've ever written. While that doesn't excuse the problems that this story has, I hope that you can be patient with them.

Growing up, death had always surrounded Zane's family. From his parent's sudden demise to his sister's life-threatening ailment, Zane cursed the fact that he was the only one who was spared from Death's clutches.

Being the odd one out, he was given the responsibility of taking care of his dying sister, Jeanne. But despite how hard he had tried to save her, Death was ever so slightly ahead of him.

Yet, the system had other plans for Zane Black. Right after he had lost everything that had mattered in his life, it had chosen the earth as the next planet to be integrated into its ever-growing empire of empowered beings. 

Transported into a new world, filled to the brim with deadly creatures and powerful beings. Will Zane survive the dangers that awaited him?

And even if he lived, what will happen to the old earth that he was destined to return to?

Release schedule : 

At least one chapter will be released every day at 6 : 00 CET

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Overleveled: Arrival in a New World

Overleveled: Arrival (...)
by JL Vincent
89 pages

When an aimless guy dies making a noble sacrifice, he is presented with a chance to live life better in a new world. However, due to some godly negligence and terrible luck, his arrival does not go as planned. Having acquired overwhelming power, he has to confront a familiar question. How should I live my life?

This story is heavily influenced by Japanese light novels in regards to fast progression, overpowered protagonist, and hidden protagonist tropes. 

Every other day proved to be far too optimistic. I am planning for updates Tuesdays and Fridays between 8:45 and 9:00 AM.

Schedule will start next week on 9/20. This week's second chapter is looking like saturday.

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In Clawed Grasp

In Clawed Grasp
by DeathlyOreo
248 pages

For so long he had waited. 

Five years in the prime of his life, wasted. And now finally, after so long, he was returning to society, ready to resume his life. And this time he wouldn't make the same mistakes. This time, he would do it right.

Yet just as he was about to gain his freedom...everything changed. He found himself in a new world without explanation, a world of magic and possibilities beyond his wildest dreams. 

His second chance is different from what Cayden had expected, but he's determined to make the most of it.

Generic reborn in a fantasy world litRPG. My plan with this story is to be a little more standard webnovel: longer story with consistent upload schedule. 

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The Sorceress's Soul: A LitRPG Adventure

The Sorceress's Soul: (...)
by Nate Crotts
252 pages

Join my Discord!    https://discord.gg/nvWnnS4yV9

Held at gunpoint after getting a little too drunk at the club, Clarissa is thrust into a new existence at the moment of her death. Dying just as her soul is fully brought into something called the "Centrality", along with the rest of Earth, her soul almost escapes into the afterlife, but is called back by the touch of the new System.

Due to an unexpected series of events, she is thrown into a dangerous sub-layer of reality known as a dungeon. Here she must survive, though this may prove more difficult than she expects.

But what of the world awaiting her outside the dungeon? Well, she knows little of just what has happened to Earth and must discover just how much it has changed on her own.

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Druid Evolution (A Battle Royale, Druid MC LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure)

Druid Evolution (A Battle (...)
by Thomas Teller
179 pages

A high school biology teacher is sucked into a new reality, where a mysterious Gamemaker forces him to fight for his life. With no other choice, Theodore Cross must become a Druid and master the powers of nature to protect himself -- and those he loves the most.

New chapters every weekday at 9 AM CST.

For advance chapters, see my Patreon page!

Discord for Druid Evolution


What to expect:

1. A pretty standard LitRPG apocalypse set-up, with certain high-potential players getting invited to participate in an Arena.

2. A MC who is human and empathetic, who makes mistakes and flounders sometimes, but who is willing to fight and kill to protect his friends.

3. A quest to save his best friend and crush from another party of players led by two psychopaths. The MC doesn't vie for power, but does what he thinks is right and gains power along the way. The basic set up resembles a love triangle, but will not go that way.

4. A Game/System that is reminiscent of both Skyrim and Dungeons and Dragons.

5. Some gore and violence, mild horror, some foul language, references to torture. Leaving all the warnings on so that I can go different directions in the future.

6. Typos -- this is a first draft, so bear with me! I am going to keep writing forward, then go back later and take comments and suggestions into account.

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