1. Re: Who has the most evil antagonist? (Battle of Your Villains)

      My antagonist has gotten me some comments. People hate her.  Hell, I hate writing her. lol

    2. Re: Other sites for building a following? and a page on (obligatory apology for destroying your productivity for the next 2 weeks). Man, I remember back when I made a tv tropes page for a webcomic (...)

    3. Re: I can't decided, so I'll let you lot do so

      Some vital options are missing here.

    4. Re: What's your definition of success here on RR?

      I am just enjoying seeing people leave comments because they are getting into what I write. 

    5. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      My LitRPG has an in-game narrator, cut scenes, and music. Lol

    6. Re: You are forced to write something outside of your comfort zone: what do you write and why?

      Romance, I can’t do it. The thought makes me uncomfortable. *shiver*

    7. Re: You all ever feel old?

      Yes, it really hits home when you move to the next “age group” in forms. 

    8. Any sports LitRPG/GameLit recommendations?

      One of the LitRPG authors groups I belong to on FB was asking about it and it got me searching here and thinking about it. Found Aced, which I am reading, but are there any others? I know sports Anime (...)

    9. Re: Trying to write in first person for the first time, tips?

      Actually, those are well known "limitations" (you use the word weakness here, which I would not use), you can google "limitations of first person point of view" and find many, many collections (...)

    10. Re: Trying to write in first person for the first time, tips?

      Going to step in and say 'Show don't tell' is bad advice for first person. You should be showing and telling, because that's how people universally talk. Unless your PoV is this super well spoken author, (...)

    11. Re: Trying to write in first person for the first time, tips?

      I write in first person and can pass on a few tidbits. First, you need to come up with ways to get around the limitations of the POV. Often the reader needs to know things that the MC doesn't, or you (...)

    12. Re: First person POV Novels

      Check the "dungeon" tag here on RR, most Dungeon Core books and adjacent (i.e. Monster in dungeon) are FPOV here is a sample search: (...)

    13. Re: Hello, I’m True.

      That is a nice cover!

    14. Re: I recommend you to listen to Dungeon Synth for inspiration.

      Ended up rabbit-holing on this... thanks..  Check Fogweaver.. also 

    15. Re: Hi, I'm Joel and write LitRPG

      Welcome to RR! Procrastination is absolutely part of the process! Oh no! ...  But, so far it helps to posting one chapter at a time here. *crosses fingers*

    16. Re: RPG classes subclasses.

      I would probably go with the official D&D list to start. Unless you are looking for specialized classes beyond these. (...)

    17. Re: How much do you guys write before your initial release?

      Well.. I wrote an entire book 1 (of a three book series) and it sat there for a while because I mentally view a book as a "big" thing and so I needed to break it up in manageable chunks. I came up with (...)

    18. Re: Hi, I'm Joel and write LitRPG

      Hi there, I'm new around these parts. I wrote a "book" a while back but the idea of editing and putting together a full-length book just instills in me a sense of pure procrastination. So, I am editing (...)

    19. Re: Calling litRPG Writers/Readers

      I'm new around here but my take is this.. First, read as much litrpg as you can. Read the published ones "Practically advanced magic", read "Awaken online" and all the sub-stories read "Life reset" (...)