1. Brand new story length experiement

      If you remember my story length thread than you know that I was trying on an experiment to see if the stories that people write are truly worth it even through a few chapters of okayish content. If you (...)

    2. Classics that you used to hate or loved but then changed your mind on as you grew older or read more of it.

      This is mainly a discussion I wanted to have because I just finished Life of Pi and the first 50 pages were a drag to get through. The first four or five pages was talking about a three-toed sloth and (...)

    3. Re: Story Idea Giveaways

      An interesting idea here. This is mainly about just story structure rather than a fleshed out idea. Basically instead of editing yourself, put a story into prowritingaid or grammarly and make every (...)

    4. Strange names for characters vs. writing and editing software

      Basically I have a ton of fake names in my story so when I put them in prowriting aid, there is so many red lines that just clutter the screen since it doesn't recognize the names as real. For people that (...)

    5. Re: What happened to tragidies and characters deaths.

      If you want tragedy I can tell you that literally all my stories end in tragedy. Granted some more than others, like for instance the two novels I'm writing right now are more bittersweet than they are (...)

    6. Re: 🎵 sell your story, but make it rhyme 🎵

      A tower reaches so high it touches the heavens Did they create it, or did the humans Can't be, otherwise God will roar his lightning down And spread the ashes of the lost society all around On the (...)

    7. Re: Unconventional Inspirations?

      So my story Magicians Land is kind of a standard isekai. Nowadays, my inspiration for writing it is Re-Zero and Attack on Titan. However, back when I first came up of the idea, I had a really weird inspiration (...)

    8. Re: Story Idea Giveaways

      A pink haired woman wearing a cloak travels from city to city in search of something or someone. Meanwhile, during her search, a group of unknown origin chase after her trying to contain her. She manages (...)

    9. Re: Another quick question

      This is pretty hard for me. If anything, I'd probably do a tie between Meruem from Hunter x Hunter and Nox from Wakfu. I would probably put someone from Attack on Titan as well, but there's no real villains (...)

    10. Re: What is a character you have created in the past that makes you cringe now?

      Although I never wrote him out, I came up with a character that inspired a pokemon fanfic of mine. Basically he was an awful self insert, with my real name, as well as would use all my favorite pokemon. (...)

    11. Re: What Kinda Sick Game is This Site Playing With Val? ☹️

      I'm just figuring out that I'm significantly better at first person than I am at third person. Like reading through Tower of Redemption(my third person POV story) and Magicians Land(my first person POV (...)

    12. Re: Did This A While Back

      Don't worry, the risk of killing the thread has fallen on me now  :drakansweat: Hmm... Parallel Hearts is a tragedy, with one person trying to reach out to her alternate self that could have been (...)

    13. Story Idea Giveaways

      I got this idea from another thread, but basically if there's a story you think could work but cannot write it yourself for one or several reasons, then share it so maybe someone struggling with coming (...)

    14. Re: Use of fire as a weapon in writing being dubbed as not that effective.

      In my story fire magic is one of the three most destructive magic in the entire story. The only two that can compete against it is lightning magic and blast magic(which is more of chemistry magic or alchemy (...)

    15. Re: I feel like Isekai can be really fun, but it is brought down by bargain bin fanservice and sloppy writing (...)

      My web novel soon to be turned to an actual novel, Magicians Land, is an isekai but I wrote it because I got tired of the generic stuff. That and also I thought of it when I was 12 and didn't take action (...)

    16. Re: Characters with Long Life Span

      Basically the whole idea of a lifespan of lets say 100 years(decrease that by like 20 cause although a person may not die it would be harder to pull stuff off without breaking a back especially if you (...)

    17. Re: The future of your work.

      The future of my work is a hard topic for me to answer. Not because I don't have it planned, but because I have certain twists and scenes in my stories that when written out will not only change the story (...)

    18. For the anime watchers and manga readers out there...

      What anime or manga is your story most similar to. It can either be similar concept, tone, or just have a similar scene to something in an anime or manga. Really just anything similar.

    19. Re: The question of life, the univerese, everything.

      My days been good I guess. Writing non stop while also paying attention to school. For instance right now I'm supposed to be paying attention in class, but I chose to not only write but also answer this (...)