1. Re: The Three Musketeers For Editing Your Chapter [Free]

      I would say that listening to my work after I'm done is a great way to make sure that there aren't any issues with the cadence, spelling, sentence structure, etc. I use yWriter to do that! It makes (...)

    2. Re: The Three Musketeers For Editing Your Chapter [Free]

      Something like natural reader would be so so helpful. I could see using it on every chapter before posting.  Reading vs hearing your words is a completely different thing. Sadly, after reading a bunch (...)

    3. Re: That one word you swear should be spelled differently.

      Caliber is a word I always mess up. I want to spell it like Calibre but I know it's wrong. :DrakanAngry: It just looks better in my opinion.

    4. Re: hi everyone! i'm crow.

      Welcome Crow! Definitely agree with Parker. Being active on the forums helps getting you fiction out there while also getting to know the community. I've been here for around two months and I love the (...)

    5. Re: Used a grammar editor to make my story better. It is perfect now.

      Haha, yeah they always mess it up if you just click blindly. I have to check each sentence whether it makes sense or not. Sometimes it takes longer than just writing the thing myself. :DrakanFascinating: (...)

    6. Re: Weirdest Music You've Ever Written to

      Okay, so I sometimes write to the Red's theme song in Pok√©mon.  It just hits different, you know? In my opinion, it's the best one.

    7. Has Anyone Ever Tried Writing A Story Based Off A Song?

      Well, the title pretty much explains itself. Just listen to a song on repeat and come up with a story based on where the tune and lyrics lead you.  Has anyone tried writing a story based off a tune (...)

    8. Re: I will give feedback for first three chapters for free (7/10)

      If you don't mind, could you check mine out as well? Story is in the signature. Thanks!

    9. Re: Grammar/Spelling Check

      Well, I posted a thread here talking about a few programs that could be useful in the editing process.  Also, they're absolutely free! Check it out if you're still looking for a way to edit your work. (...)

    10. Re: Greetings from Osirium.

      Welcome to RR!  Experimenting with characters and plots are fun! It's especially a load off your mind when you don't have to edit and post it for the public eye, just something for yourself :) Hope (...)

    11. Re: Just Noticed Something in the Fiction Section of the Dashboard

      I mean, it seems like a given feature to be honest. I use it just to keep minor details. Since you have to go to the author dashboard to post a chapter, the link to the Notes page is also there so you (...)

    12. Re: 25 followers! :D

      Congratulations! I've also noticed my story got a little jump as well when I went on hiatus. Hopefully 25 is just the beginning for you, as you will get many more!

    13. Re: Book Covers

      Just use Artbreeder to make your own, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time :) If you're at the right place at the right time on the forums, you can catch some threads of artists making covers (...)

    14. Re: New member with a story

      Welcome to RR! Everyone's got to start somewhere, right? A sincere congratulations for starting to post in the first place! It's a bit weird but you have no idea how many people don't take that final (...)

    15. Re: First 1000 Views!

      That's great news. Hope you reach bigger milestones on your time on RR! To a great start! :DrakanWine:

    16. Re: Have any authors taken to writing on their phone?

      Hm, it's practically impossible for me :/  It has to be the laptop, you know?  I use my phone usually for small edits or to add minor details that I come up with. Then when I'm in front of my laptop, (...)

    17. Re: First Rating!

      Congratulations! Hope your story gets many more. :DrakanWine:

    18. Re: How do you write a character's thoughts?

      Great! Thanks for the responses. Looking back, I did a mixture of weaving my character's thoughts and just using single quotation marks. I found mixing character thoughts with narration difficult, but (...)

    19. Re: 🎲 Interactive Fictions ⚔️

      I haven't seen a lot of people answer polls unless there's A LOT of readers. Maybe you should try comments instead? I also really like the idea of an interactive fiction, I don't think there are any (...)

    20. How do you write a character's thoughts?

      Quick question here, Do you use single quotation marks, or straight italics? I've seen mixed answers online and wanted to clarify. I write my character's thoughts like this, 'This is going to (...)