Dante Luca Morningstar

Dante Luca Morningstar

Dark Sun Reborn

Dark Sun Reborn
148 pages

Everyone wants to be happy. Many crave for it so much that they will trample over others to achieve it.

Reborn into a new world filled with magic, with only fragmented echoes of who he used to be, Dante will find his own happiness and protect it.

But his journey is not a simple one. For the world is slowly ending. There are only few who are truly aware of the slow passing of their final breaths, and Dante isn’t one of them.

Facing pain, despair, betrayal, and death. Will Dante be able to endure and protect his own happiness? Even if it means that he will have to stop the world from ending?

Or will he break without ever truly knowing?

Not on hiatus, I'm not giving up on this work. I will try to publish at least one chapter a month (っ °Д °;)っ  

Please feel free to butcher my baby with your valuable criticism, reviews, and opinions. I will gladly take them in order to improve whatever I can.

The profanity, gore, sexual content, and traumatizing content tags, are, of course, to warn the readers of what may happen within the entire story. That is not to say that it is going to appear often, but it will definitely appear seldom. 

I will admit, that the first volume feels slow paced for me, and I'm happy with it. I want the important characters to be fleshed out as much as possible by showing and not telling and to deepen the current goals and troubles of the MC, without breaking the pull that the story has on the readers. Meaning I tried my best in making interesting and compelling scenarios to keep the readers interested, and strayed away as much as possible from info dumps. Hope you'll enjoy ❤

This story is my original work and is currently only posted on Royal Road. If you should find this story elsewhere or under another name, please let me know. []~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

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