Sake Vision

Sake Vision

    1. Re: What makes you, "you?"

      Their current personality should merge with old one

    2. Re: What happened with Qidian?

      They made it so that in order to even appear at their front page, you need to sign a contract with them. To sign a contract means obliging yourself to write a chapter a day, nonstop, which means quantity (...)

    3. Re: Anyone know what happened to Ninawrites?

      I remember she left the informational post (chapter) under Mandatory Overtime stating she won't continue the story and she left.  The general gist of that was down to being a pantser story and that she (...)

    4. Re: serious talk, for you what make a novel a good novel ?

      if it makes me interested enough not to drop it 

    5. Re: Stephen King

      I know nothing about his rules but I know of his early writing methods.  You mean experimenting with drugs?  Ye. Cocaine might put some energy into the mind but I never really thought to use it for (...)

    6. Re: Does it also bother you when a character's name is dumb / silly / weird?

      can take it quite well when it's german or english, can't take it very well when it's jappanese and the character is like Yami Kuroko the shadowmancer 

    7. Re: Old Fantasy vs New

      Fear of censorship and ostracism has always been a limit on human creativity, regardless of what is being censored and how it is manifested. 

    8. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      I'm sure that it has happened in small circles, and I'm not even sure why you felt the need to bring it up. In fact, it’s quite worrying that you and Shomin felt the need to repeatedly bring this up (...)

    9. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Battle dreams are the best, but how did my goblin survival (battle dream) turn to Ben 10? I had a nightmare the other night that I was hacked, whilst using my laptop at a cinema. No idea what brought (...)

    10. Re: How Many WIPs?

      This innocent question hurts me. Too many to count, too many never exceeded 10k words, yet too many exceeded it but were never finished.

    11. Re: Anyone here read ‘Goodbye, Eri’ ?

      Reply to Sake Vision. I am talking about the manga repitative paneling.  If you learn drawing comics/manga,  An student will get extremely low grade and trashed by sensei for doing repitative panels (...)

    12. Re: Anyone here read ‘Goodbye, Eri’ ?

      When an unknown artists did the same thing... People call them... "Amateur repeatative panels!" "Lazy copy-paste pieces of shits!" "Wasting space and boring!" Like for example what? Which (...)

    13. Re: Anyone here read ‘Goodbye, Eri’ ?

      I did. It's a masterpiece. Playing with the very form and structure of the manga and long strip medium, and giving then subverting all kinda expectations in the story, not through mere content but through (...)

    14. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      Never heard of this word, and I guess this proves that people can be triggered over little stuff like that. I bet the lowest ratings I got are exactly like that too. Personally, I think ratings should (...)

    15. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Y'know, it's weird, I'm watching this show celebrating all the hype and fandom surrounding the Harry Potter franchise... And all I can think about is how I've read like three or four books that (...)

    16. Re: Do people exchange honest reviews of each others stories?

      Writing a review is a bother, I'd rather honestly talk to this person and tell them everything I hated or liked about their story over dms 

    17. Re: Any Other Authors Who Have Lost Their Love of Reading While Writing?

      No, on the contrary. I got back to reading when I got back to writing.   (1337th post yeee)

    18. Re: Elvis Pressley, Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain? And why. NOT a writing thing.

      I only listened to one song of jimi hendrix, and only cause I watched battlestar galactica that used one of his songs as ost. About elvis, I only know he was an alien and died from overstraining on (...)

    19. Re: Literary Fiction? I guess it's a "no" :)

      I find it interesting that "literary" fiction is even considered a legitimate label that people can claim of their own works. A lot of what we consider great literature of today was the genre trash (...)