Sake Vision

Sake Vision

Forgotten Sky

Forgotten Sky
by Evra-Kaze
120 pages

A young girl named Tsuki is separated from the only one who ever mattered in her life after a failed escape for freedom. After this misfortune, she finds herself in a world inhabited by dangerous old gods. Her sanity is put to the test as she tries to find a way to rescue her other half. Even if it cost her everything. 

She will walk a path filled with loneliness and sadness. The nostalgia of the lost days and the slight hint of hope will allow her to fight for a future she had once dreamed of. Shards of broken dreams and memories will be mended back to form a strength that can allow her to stand strong and save the one she once called family.

The story has very heavy themes, mental illness being the main one, but they are told with some more happy and nice elements (Since you need to see the good part of life to escape the darkness). Most characters have major issues (depression, suicide, cursed, mental illness, etc.) with them and the main plotline is the main character slowly 'healing' from her past.

My aim for this story is to be something like psychological horror. 
Most characters, even the main character, aren't that good of people. 
This story takes inspiration from (Dark Soul, Madoka, Made in Abyss, Lovecraft, and many others.) 
Also, some of the tags only matter after a few chapters. Some might even be considered spoiler.
Some tag I didn't add since they aren't that big for the story are [Loop, Post apocalyptic, Reincarnation, War and military] I feel like I would lie if I added them since they aren't the main focus of the story even if they might have shaped it one way or another.

Updates once a week. More if I'm not forced to do overtime...

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Hero's Song - A Novel in Verse

Hero's Song - A Novel (...)
by eric_river
321 pages

Every child in every town has heard adventure’s call
songs and stories of the hero, known and loved by all
but every now and then a stubborn child will come along
who will not rest until they’ve been the hero in a song
And what awaits the child who chases dreams until their end
those who challenge fate with every day they have to spend
would they know the questions to the answers which they find
what of all the family and friends they left behind
Should this be a tale of good and evil, or of fate
choices made in moments lost and battles won too late
somewhere on the hero’s path he might just go astray
maybe it’s a simple song to those who know the way

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My Quiet Life

My Quiet Life
by Waurpel
440 pages

In a world where rank, blood-ties and religion are intertwined; Silika Everest lived an idyllic life as the third child of the Marquess of Oblon, spending her time causing trouble for the estate servants and playing with her siblings to her heart's content.

Until a fateful day when a game of hide and seek turned into tragedy. When she woke up, her life had turned on its head, everything she had now slipping away from her.

That day her quiet life began— an unforgiving life where all odds are stacked against her.


Hi there! This is my first webnovel story! I hope you will enjoy it and help me make it better!

I try to keep my chapter lenghts between 1,500-2,500 words

The story will follow Silika, the young daughter of an aristocratic count who becomes handicapped and must adapt to a world not designed for people in her situation. She will have to struggle through her disability, religion, family, abuse, trauma and politics. The world will not be kind to her, but she will find her place.

The tone is a bit darker at times in this story, but not in 'edgy' or 'grimdark' ways. They reflect the main character's struggles. There will be happy times, funny times, but also sad times and painful time. The main character will grow and learn in what I hope will be a very interesting experience for you all to read!

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Parallel Hearts

Parallel Hearts
by Edge Valmond
2.5k pages

Loneliness of deepness, racing in an abyss of blackness, trailing hands of shadows. Shackling to the land, silence for longness. No longer willing in enduring, breaking free. Seeking a desire far inside, countless more existing within. Birthing underneath the light of the blood moon, embracing her selfishness and imperfections. Shouting what is within, never ending turmoil. Continuously falling, rising even stronger. Mirroring hearts, both of the same. Memories of haziness, wars of grandness. Stepping on a plain far above her own, her heart of softness. A night of eternity coming, bringing demise in the wake of her despair.

"There is light in the deepest of darkness..."


Genres might change depending on the volume.

—> Also, Infrequent Strong Language. So, the profanity part is almost nonexistent. 

(Please note, my works are available on Royal Road(starting release on Scribblehub). I give no permission for reproduction in any way. So please inform me if you come across my works anywhere else.)

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Best Friends Forever?

Best Friends Forever? (...)
by BugDevil
410 pages


This is a story about friendship and love. Even the former is a grand achievement for Lastation's CPU Noire. After she has finally made her first official friend in K-sha, where does that leave Neptune? In a strange turn of events the protagonist of protagonists and the former Gold Third member engage in a competition over who has the right to call herself Noire's Best Friend!

This story takes place after the game Megadimension Neptunia VII. Characters and plotlines of the game will be referenced.

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