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Gender: Undisclosed
Bio: I like strong spirits. I also like:

-visual novels(eg. higurashi, muv luv, utawarerumono)
-anime/manga(eg. madoka magicka, made in abyss, shadows house)
-crpg games(eg. planescape torment, baldurs gate or more recently, tyranny)

Through the course of my life I also read a lot of regular novels, both ln and traditional, both western and eastern, digital and pritned, across various differet genres eg. The Legend of the Ice People, Mo Dao Zu Shi, Youjo Senki etc.

I'll have you know that I'm also a fan of touhou project and dark souls.

My current novel idea was born out my fondness for kemonomimi and furry aesthetic, combined with consuming way too much wuxia and xianxia works.

Even though I've been writing fiction on and off for over a decade, this is my first serious novel lenght project I actually committed to. I started publishing after I found some artist to draw me a nice cover image~
The best way to show appreciation is to actually read it and share your thoughts on it.

I publish on Wattpad, Royal Road, Scribblehub and Webnovel.
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