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    1. Re: Do you ever just, you know, get lazy?

      Ha, don't look at the last entry into my MGS story if you don't wanna see lazy :(

    2. Re: I want thoughts on a draft I have in progress.

      I like it. I think once you start typing out the planning you'll find more ease into how to write it.

    3. Re: What's your definition of success here on RR?

      So far, it's been the one read I've gotten with an abysmal score :)

    4. Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

      I'm more interested in this "ScribbleHub". How's that?

    5. Re: Does anyone want to adopt this idea?

      southpark had an episode like this which i adored humans being tested like this never leaves me bored i like your ideas making each gift more unique such a social issue would be sci fi at it's peak (...)

    6. Re: Stories with grit

      I'm working (slowly) on a few fiction pieces, one being a fanfiction and the other two original stories. If you have some time, please see what I'm working on. I'd like some fun critique (I'll either take (...)

    7. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      People project a lot in their fictions of the sort because they couldn't do it at the time it was brought in their lives. It's infuriating for all parties.

    8. Re: How many chapters does a story need before you would start reading it?

      Actually, I need to pay attention on here. Do short one chapter stories generate less views?

    9. Re: I feel bad about wanting to take a break

      Mental Health is the backbone for every artists. Please take breaks!

    10. Re: Do all stories read like games on this site?

      I've never seen one before, I may have to check that genre out soon.

    11. Re: Book clubs for webfiction readers

      Someone get one together on MeetUp, I'm in!

    12. Re: Are your stories planned?

      Planner - if I can't figure out an ending to write toward the story will just refuse to go anywhere. Agreed. Maybe that's why my canned erotica story broke after 3 chapters 

    13. Re: Are your stories planned?

      My Google Doc is where I plan out stories that I end up never really starting for months cause I'm bad with time management. 

    14. Re: Hello everyone!

      Welcome! I can't wait to read through another's backlog on my downtime instead of finishing my own works   :DrakanSigh:

    15. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      Action: Male. Everything else: Female I have no idea why.

    16. Re: I feel *gutted* by my rating :( How do you stop it from affecting you?

      Integrity. Don't let it bother you, not everyone will love what you write. That's okay, just keep going.

    17. Re: Thoughts on Grammerly?

      I use it for the following things only: 1. Misspelling 2. Subject-verb agreement (plurals), I tend to mess it up sometimes 3. Wonky spacing (when I hit space two times instead of one) Beside (...)

    18. Re: Thoughts on Grammerly?

      Grammarly is good, especially for writers that aren't fluent.  For fluent writers, I see it as more of a crutch. Yes, it's helpful, but you're ultimately relying on something external, rather than (...)

    19. Re: Thoughts on Grammerly?

      I use Grammarly exclusively for writing and even pay the monthly fee to get the in-depth help, although sometimes I ignore it if I'm not writing or am just trying to get what I'm saying out in forums. (...)