it's coming up real fast and i'm not sure that i'm prepared that's more words of verse in less time than i've ever dared :peopanic:

    2. Re: How to copy Blue Boxes?

      when dealing with tables i usually work in code copying text is less likely to make things explode :DrakanAngry:

    3. Re: [DISC] Should I stop writing my webnovel?

      those are normal numbers early in the adventure my book as gained and lost many a novel reader my first chapter has over 900 hundred views to date recent chapters get around fifty, i guess it's fate (...)

    4. Re: Unapologetically a Fanfiction writer... For now.

      your passion for the worlds you love is really cool to see it sounds like you are well prepared to write some fantasy! whether you do fanfic or original fiction with a passion like you have, you quickly (...)

    5. Re: Shuckshowdy, y'all

      it's great that you've joined us, we're happy to welcome you good luck on all of the secret writing that you do! stick around forever if you like, that would be fine this place ages like the best of (...)

    6. Re: An introduction, I guess

      welcome to the forum, i can understand that fear but i can assure you, you'll find mostly kindness here it's a great community that gives some great advice we're a bunch of weirdos, sure, but we're (...)

    7. Re: Associations


    8. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      the weirdest thing happened today, on Hero's Song's reviews they all got downvotes with no changes in my views Hero's Song itself got no bad rating at this time i am too confused to even call this act (...)

    9. Re: Sunday Snippet 24/10 | UNLUCKY..(?) WEEK 13 🍀☠

      HERO'S SONG Chapter 55 - The Abandoned -spoilers- “You’ve answered your own question but you're too afraid to see all you see are comrades where you thought monsters should be I’m not here to (...)

    10. Re: Hello everyone!

      welcome to the forum, and congratz on starting out you'll enjoy this community here without a doubt once your story gets approved, enjoy the royal ride i'm sure the experience will leave you satisfied! (...)

    11. Re: 🎵 A Song of Setting my Cover on Fire 🎵

      although today krita options almost made me cry xD i think i'll make it brighter, i understand what you meant though it's not entirely an editing accident: Something important to learn about cover (...)