1. Re: Evil Genie

      granted but your first cat is now set on killing you! i wish that the leaves on most trees were a shade of blue

    2. Re: Evil Genie

      granted, but you're now floating offworld in outer space i wish for happiness for the entire human race

    3. Re: Buller's superior guide to writing

      the senpai has revealed a revelation to us ducks but he failed to mention the importance of k-trucks!

    4. Re: Am I the oldest person here?

      Based on our analytics, we have a small but existing percentage of users over 65+  But, I am clearly the oldest; I am over 273 years old!  and that's only the years you counted, surely there are more (...)

    5. Re: Are multiple languages, and translations of these, in one fiction allowed?

      writathon is meant for authors to challenge themselves and to help add lots more books to royal road's vast shelves competition between authors will not play a part just focus on writing something fun (...)

    6. Re: Should I dish out short stories to boost my visibility on RR?

      you can look at my short story fiction for reference i don't think posting them as made to much of a difference though they may have gotten my main book an extra view i think writing what you love is (...)

    7. Re: What do you enjoy (or not) about LitRPG

      i think of it as just another layer to a plot to me, it doesn't matter if it has numbers or not but it can be cathartic to see all the stats rise the first time i found stats in books was a pleasant (...)

    8. Re: (First Stage) The Royal Royal Road Cover Art Tournament

      gonna have to go with number TWO this round for sure i really wanna join that penguin on its adventure 🐧

    9. Re: Lost a follower today :)

      it really is quite normal for follows to come and go i lose a bunch each day on my new fiction called Micro but each week i do see a net growth, so i dont mind there are still so many followers you've (...)

    10. Re: Get your reviews here.

      well hey, i'd love for you to check out my new book: MICRO when i have the time i'll also give your book a go 🙂

    11. Re: Thoughts about chapters of nothing but skill progression

      i absolutely think it's perfect for a binge reader though it might feel dragged out to a weekly follower :DrakanWine:

    12. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      MICRO - Efficient and Reliable Cultivation ] Dungeons? Cultivation? Core Cards? Other Worlds? Dirt Roads?! In a world where cultivation has long been the practice of the powerful, magicians fight (...)

    13. Re: HOLDING THE VERY FIRST ROYAL ROAD COVER ART TOURNAMEEEEENT! This is for my story: MICRO, I hope you like it it took me more time to draw than (...)

    14. What if Truck-Kun got Isekai'd? 🛻 What to expect: Cultivation Dungeon Trials Adventure Progression Truck (...)

    15. Re: My TOP FIVE writing advice to all authors!

      adjectives and bust sizes are my main takeaways melasd's advice always shines a light through the haze~ :peogiggle:

    16. Re: Anime- Like Stories?

    17. Re: 🦆🦆🦆 I think we should have more duck emojis on RR forums 🦆🦆🦆

      i don't pay too much attention, but I sense a theme you may like ducks just a little more than it may seem :DrakanThinking:

    18. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      3.14  too :) then down

    19. Re: A very short PSA - Ducks are the superior animal

      all of your weak arguments just make this bard chortle everybody knows the top tier creature is squirtle