The Will of Bastet -  A Kammi Kettu Story

seems promising so far got a cat girl with an expressive tail...

A Mouse in the Circuitry - A Kammi Kettu Story

mouse girl making super stuff either just because or for heroes

Songbird - a Kammi Kettu story

well done not sure what else to say without spoilers

Kammi Kettu

Looking forward to more

she makes happy fox noises when pet or when cuddling her tail. enough said

What Do You Mean All Dungeons Are Girls!!!?

Some areas lack the depth I expected but good.

The Vespidian

This novel is great, the characters are solid, author knows how to make a great back stories. I liked it from the start but as it went on I grew to love it.

I didn't see any times where the grammar made the story stop like some novels do.

With Maltov's mysterious backstory it draws you in so you want to know more.

There is so much more I should say about this but it's hard not to use spoilers.

I will say I have a few chapters bookmarked so I can re-read them over and over since they never get old.

The Slime Dungeon Chronicles (prequel)

A great read with author constantly improving

A great story Author has gone back and updated the chapters to add more depth to the story. some spelling and grammar errors but gets fixed after comments. shows promise and author keeps improving.


Gonna give my honest criticism

I read chapter 12 at this post. What I can say about the plot so far is nothing really happened at least nothing worth mentioning, taking a while or having little to no plot is fine however in that case you must have good characters. What I can say about the characters is they are extremely bland, nothing memorable about them at one point you mention how Asmot is not in his usual demeanor which is what? a funny guy that I can tell by the 1 joke he told so far. I don't mean to insult I'm saying this so hopefully you can use this to make a better story. The concept is alright but just how you are telling it is like reading a history textbook very boring nothing to either develop an attachment with the characters or the story. You can kill off any character right now and I wouldn't care unlike with fullmetal where I am put on the brink of tears during the funeral for Hughes.

Re: Heroes' Mount

I love how this story is going, please keep it up.

And then I made my own world

Great plot and can't wait for more

I love how you have it so everything doesn't go as planned.