1. RE: My New Approach

      I'm doing something similar with Sasha (not posting in full length chapters), some people complain about the word count (but I ignore them, Bwahahaha!) Used to post full chapters, but I find it harder (...)

    2. RE: My New Approach

      My story is pretty much a short chapter with daily release. I get a lot of comments about chapter length. Four hundred words is definitely too short for once a day. Six hundred to eight hundred is still (...)

    3. RE: My New Approach

      @Darkbringer I take your point and in general I agree with you, but I'm already writing a standard novel in the manner you describe. This is more about putting restraints on myself to see what I can (...)

    4. My New Approach

      I already have one fic up (Saviour of the World) that I'm posting once a week. I have it planned out and I try to make each chapter as complete as I can. It takes quite a lot of time. So, I've decided (...)

    5. RE: Signature Question

      Your signature looks fine to me; the links are there. Yes, I got it to work by restarting from scratch. It was telling me I was 402 characters over the limit, must have pasted in some extra invisible (...)

    6. Signature Question

      I'm trying to update my fics (with link) into my signature on posts I'make, but for some reason it says they're too long even though other people's posts seem to have much longer sigs at the bottom of (...)

    7. RE: To those seeking reviews...

      - Pacing is good. - Use transitions words. Learn them, memorize them, know them by heart. They are your friend. A good example is "A shadow fell over her. " Which should probably be "Suddenly, a shadow (...)

    8. RE: To those seeking reviews...

      Hey, Cool of you to make this offer. Could you have a look at the first chapter of Volume 2 of my story 'Saviour of the World'? It's high fantasy (...)

    9. RE: Pacifist MC in a VRMMO.

      I think this is a very cool idea, but if he's a pacifist I don't think he would want others to kill for him either. Maybe he gets xp from doing quests and completing the quests by thinking outside the (...)

    10. RE: Tips needed for third person writing and info-dumps.

      There are various techniques you can use to make exposition easier to swallow. A lot of it still depends on how interesting you make the information and how invested you've managed to get the reader, but (...)

    11. RE: about the detail.

      Description is basically a value game. The fewer words you can use to create the greatest impact, the better. Putting an image of a character in the reader's mind by listing every single item of clothing (...)

    12. RE: On the topic of third person narrators

      can i change from 1st person narrator to 3rd person narrator in a chapter? if possible can you show me an example?. if not what about between chapters? (chapter 1 3rd person chapter 2 1st person) (...)

    13. RE: Old English & characters speech

      I suggest you think of a few movies that have the kind of speech you're talking about, then google for the screenplay to those movies online. There are a bunch of sites that archive screenplays and you (...)

    14. RE: Last event of 2015

      Greetings Hero Congratulations! You have discovered the secret page.  Stats Bonus: Mug Handling +2 Chair Sitting +5 Sneaky Farting +8 You have ranked up! New class title: Sandwich Polisher

    15. RE: Displaying character through action or talking?

      Generally speaking, the more space you give a scene, the more important the reader will assume it is to the story. If the guys who see the movie later in the story get into a predicament that they escape (...)

    16. RE: Want opinions on a very basic story idea.

      It is an idea that has been done before, but that doesn't necessarily mean it can't work if you put a new twist on it or take it in an interesting direction. The problem at the moment, I'd say, is that (...)

    17. RE: Proofreading & Review Business - Updated

      Hi, I need a review or any kind of feedback for my fic: The Lost soul Its a bit early but I need to know if I should keep it up or try something new. Thanks alot! Hope there's still people here! (...)

    18. RE: Reviews for Saviour of the World

      I think this particular story lacks impressions/thoughts and opinions... From what I gather, we are in Davidor's Third Person Limited POV? Yet we are seeing Filter Words like: 'he wondered'. What is (...)

    19. Reviews for Saviour of the World

      Hi, I've posted two chapters so far and would appreciate any feedback, if anyone has the time. The story is called Saviour of the World and is my first effort on the site. It's a swords and sorcery type (...)

    20. RE: Formatting Question

      I suggest that you simply disable the automatic spacing you use while writing in GDocs and manually input line breaks so that they will show up when you copy-paste. Yeah, I could do this, but it screws (...)