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      Ch. 45 Sword Art Offline is up. The hero kindly shows Colin how to use a sword. What a lovely bloke.

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      Chapter 44 Then A Hero Comes Along is up now. Colin and the gang encounter a real hero, who does heroic things, heroically. Colin isn't a fan.

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      Ch. 43 When You Got To Go is up now. The farm is not as idyllic as it seems...

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      Chapters 41 and 42 are up (forgot to update yesterday)

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      Ch.40 Needs Must is up. After their fish murdering exploits, Colin and the crew are reminded of certain tasks that need to be taken care of.

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      Volume 2 has begun with Chapter 39. Journey To The West As with the first volume, chapters will be released daily, and the story is totally improvised. No idea where it's going, let's hope I think of (...)

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      Hey, just wanted to say that I read the first 10 chapters so far and I'm really enjoying it! I'll try and finish the first volume before you start up again. I'll post a review too. Keep up the good (...)

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      Update: Ch. 38 - Farewell To Probet is up now. This chapter marks the end of Volume 1.  I will be taking  a one week break before resuming the story with the start of Volume 2 on Monday 21st March. (...)

    9. How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis

      How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis Colin wakes up in a strange world that seems very much like a game, only there are no power ups, no ding! sound when you gain a level and when you die, you stay dead. (...)

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      Thought I'd join the shamelessness. My fic is called How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis It's a summoning story but with weak and useless characters who struggle to survive in a harsh fantasy setting. (...)

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      Hello and welcome.

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      So I'm looking for a story that has the main characters that isn't over powered. I'm having trouble finding stories like this around the site. The main character can become OP but it should be after (...)

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      It was right there under your nose: Amazing Kung Fu Action Jesus

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      If I could post chapters of around 3000 words daily  I think that would satisfy most readers, but obviously I would end up in the loony bin. I just can't write that much every single day. It's not so (...)

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      I think this is the first thread with drama I've come across on this site. Was starting to think it wasn't hooked up to the internet correctly.   On the matter of what makes a character relatable , I (...)

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      Quick update on my little experiment. I managed to post daily, chapters around 600-800 words and by the end of the first week I had an avg of just over 200 views and 19 followers. That's around 10%, which (...)

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      Obviously writing well and giving a character an emotional arc (someone dies, someone leaves, etc) will help create an emotional response in a reader. But on a purely nuts and bolts level there are (...)

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      It's actually a combination of all three. I'm benefiting from the fact that I already did a big chunk of world building for another story I'm writing and 'Delvers loosely fits into that universe. (...)

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      This is not (entirely) a shameless self promotion.  Honestly. OP, my story on RRL is about 2 men who are abducted to an alien, sword and sorcery world.  I like what I've been doing so far.  My chapters (...)

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      Usually, I have extra time on weekends so I write more than one chapter on those days.  That's interesting. I might post twice this weekend to see if that makes a difference, just as an experiment. (...)