1. Re: Regarding Blasty

      I've used Blasty quite a bit and while I think it's far from perfect, your experiences with it aren't really representative. 24 hours isn't really long enough, and not catching legit versions isn't really (...)

    2. RE: Trending Fictions

      Suddenly everything is clear. Now I can see Mount Tai. Thank you.

    3. Trending Fictions

      I don't think this is a bug (might be wrong) but on the front page in the Trending Fictions thingy there are 9 novels. You see 5, then it rotates and you see four new ones and one carries over, so one (...)

    4. KDP select

      I'm selling an ebook of one of my stories on Amazon and wanted to do it through their KDP select program which requires it not be available elsewhere. Is it okay to edit the chapters here to say 'temporarily (...)

    5. Identifying rating scores

      I think things have settled down with the new update (more or less) and I was wondering if anyone had found the best way to identify the following. 1. If someone gives your story a rating or a review (...)

    6. RE: Writing Characters?

      Basically I'm toying around with an idea for a novel, but I can't really can't do character traits well. Lets say for example there's someone I'd like to be 'ruthless'. I could in third person write (...)

    7. RE: Question for writing

      If you want something basic and are on a Windows pc then you might try Wordpad. It's already on your computer and is a very simple text editor but without the annoying lack of formatting that Notepad has.

    8. Grin the Cheat

      Grin the Cheat  There was a time when heroes roamed between the Four Great Cities. They fought for kingdoms and princesses and they lived and died by their valour. Or so the stories say. The way the (...)

    9. RE: How do you improve your combat sequences?

      The best thing to do is read fight scenes in other books and use your own judgement about what works well or doesn't. Also, it helps if you write a fight scene with purpose to it. Simply he hits here (...)

    10. RE: Review your own work

      Dear everyone,  I am very new to writing and to royal roadl. Writing my first story now, with no other intention than having written the story that has been in my mind for a while now.  My question (...)

    11. RE: What makes you Drop a story?

      Disagree. That opinion maybe valid (as of that chapter) but that review is not. (And would it hurt to comment it in the chap itself?) If authors cannot afford to leave a little mystery in early chapters (...)

    12. RE: What makes you Drop a story?

      If he read the chapter after that one ... I really don't think you can afford to think like this. If he found what he read to be confusing or unconvincing, why should he carry on reading? That's (...)

    13. RE: What makes you Drop a story?

      As a reader bad grammar turns me off, and there are a bunch of highly rated and viewed stories on RRL that sound quite interesting but I couldn’t get past the first chapter because of all the schoolboy (...)

    14. RE: Adding a min word count?

      As someone who writes short chapters (under 500 words in some cases) I thought I’d put up a case for the defence. Short, regular chapters are just another format, like how there are weekly mangas and (...)

    15. RE: How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis

      Hey, just wanted to say that I read the first 10 chapters so far and I'm really enjoying it! I'll try and finish the first volume before you start up again. I'll post a review too. Keep up the good (...)

    16. How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis

      How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis Colin wakes up in a strange world that seems very much like a game, only there are no power ups, no ding! sound when you gain a level and when you die, you stay dead. (...)

    17. RE: Hidden Gems?

      Thought I'd join the shamelessness. My fic is called How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis It's a summoning story but with weak and useless characters who struggle to survive in a harsh fantasy setting. (...)

    18. RE: Saying hello

      Hello and welcome.

    19. RE: Looking for Non OP MC

      So I'm looking for a story that has the main characters that isn't over powered. I'm having trouble finding stories like this around the site. The main character can become OP but it should be after (...)

    20. RE: My New Approach

      If I could post chapters of around 3000 words daily  I think that would satisfy most readers, but obviously I would end up in the loony bin. I just can't write that much every single day. It's not so (...)