Enlightened Empire

Pretty much professional level

Reminds me more of a BAEN Books novel than something on Royal Road.

Strengths: Well crafted and sympathetic characters that aren't cliches or overdone. Good worldbuilding with distinct cultures and realistic human behaviour. An engaging plot that doesn't pander to the main character. 

Flaws: A lack of foreshadowing and exposition makes some events seem to come from nowhere. Very important characters, laws or rituals just appear without any real context. For a hyper realistic novel such as ths one, the main character's immunity and complete indifference to assination is a little offputting. Assasins seem to have been made completly inept to make up for the lack of MC powers. Especially considering the existence of low powered superhumans that could kill the MC with a single punch or arrow. The existence of said cultivators is also a little odd and underdeveloped.

An interesting read. Excited to see where it goes. 


Fairly unique well flushed out world and an interesting main character. Only real complaint is the character interactions come off a little shallow and similiar. 


A decent start. The following criticism is meant to be helpful and Ihope doesn't come off ass too critical. 

1) Way too casual with the mass murder. Your main character kills as easily as he brushes his teeth, even when its too his detriment to do so. Even cold blooded murderers dont kill that easily, is actually the oposite of his supposed paranoid mindset. Also killing should have some emotion tied to it, if only contempt or impatience. "These thugs were just like those who terrorized his family back 'third world country'." If they fall like flies and even the main character doesn't care, why should the reader?

2) Hes poor but has a secret base full of billions of dollars woth of equipment? Also hes super smart and a magical alchemist but can't figure out he should sell stuff? Doesnt even have to be weapons, he could sell tv's or even cars on the blackmarket. Nevermind the fact he can probably just turn fridges into gold.

3)He so paranoid he doesn't trust heroes or business transactions but immediatly gives a underground doctor all of his secrets? Even though it's totally unecessary and he gets nothing from it? Especially stupid when you know hes activally being blackmailed by Crow; a hero that maniuplates others and deals in secrets. 

4)Please just name the third world country he comes from and give us a general idea of what life is like there. Stop saying "In the third world country he was from" its super offputting. 

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

A complex worlds with a satisfying skill and magic system. Characters are realistic and it manages  to be mature without gratuitus sex or ridiculous violence. 

Only real problem is its a little slow and repetitive. 

Darkworlds : London

An interesting world that blends litrpgs with lovecraftian horror. 

Held back by the authors unfortuante overuse of exposition. Story would be much better with slow reveals that the characters figure out for themselves.

Way too many creepy figures lurking in the shadows just waiting to jump out and explain things to the MC. 

Author could work on giving weight to the MC's emotions more too. 


The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

Interesting and believable characters populating an interesting world. You never know what will happen next but you know the author will deliver humor, drama , plot and precious glimpses into his complicated world. 

The dark and realistic tone is perhaps not for everyone but  the author spices it up nicely with fantasy elements and a main character with an interesting point of view. 

Can't wait to see where the story goes. 


Interesting start fizzles into family drama

I came away from this story disappointing because it's intro is basically a lie.  It's very well written and he does a good job of creating characters but it never goes anywhere or does anything to keep our interest. It quickly becomes just another bored generic protagonist excels at everything and does whatever he wants. Which is apparently just to hang around torturing school children hugging his family.

 Strange for a teenager that used to be some kind of ogre archmage or something. 

We get an assassin/spy plot that fails utterly to be anything but a tool for the main character to show off with and seemingly endless school or  family drama.  None of which held my attention, probably because it was so slow,  cliche and predictable. 

Forgotten Conqueror


Forgotten conqueror is a well written story with decent and engaging characters in a moderately engaging world.  It contains a good mix of action , drama and character development.  The character development suffers though because every character is either perfect moral superman or a mustache twirling villain begging to be killed.  Both the main character and the reader will  near instantly recognize them as they are introduced, making character development unnecessary. 

The author does a decent job of world building. He succeeds in making  a large and living world but fails somewhat in making it interesting. We never really want to learn more about the world as the only interesting or important character is the main one. A consequence of how overpowered he is. 



Too cliche and basic power fantasy driven. We are told that the church had his previous twenty reincarnations murdered but never see any  remnant of this church or how they knew to do so.  It seems to exist as as part the main characters "tragic backstory"  only to make it clear how ridiculously much hes suffered before the story even begins and so totally deserves to fly around the world like a bored godchild and killing all the cliche villains he can find on an epic quest to murder an entire global spanning organization because they annoyed him one time.  Or maybe it's because he personally dislikes their philosophy  of mages being in charge?   Strange , considering he kills and tortures anyone who gets in his way with magic and goes out of his way to point out how powerful he is and how that means no one can tell him what to do.