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    1. Re: Why Hate Descriptions?

      Most web novels are written by amateur writers who have been inspired by light novels or animes based on light novels. Light on description heavy on the dialog. 

    2. Re: Advice?

      When I first tried writing for web novel audiences I got a lot of feedback that my chapters were too condensed and read like a summary rather than how a web novel should. I had to add a lot of what I considered (...)

    3. Re: Rating Royalroad ★★★★★


    4. Re: Do you rate every story you read?

      I wait until I have read enough of the content to know if I like it or if I don't like it. So it's much more likely for me to follow a story for a while before I rate it. I don't like to review unfinished (...)

    5. Re: Why is my ranking going down?

      You should have your friends rate your story. I took a look at your story and I recommend editing it. You have a lot of grammatical errors. At least in the first chapter. Probably enough to cost you at (...)

    6. Re: Is Royal Road a good place to build an audience?

      Under this username, I have posted stories to Scribble Hub, Webnovel, and several other similar sites. Webnovel gave me the highest number of views, and Scribble Hub had the highest number of followers. (...)

    7. Re: Is Royal Road a good place to build an audience?

      Hey all. New to Royal Road but I've released a few books on Amazon and I'd like to get them a bit more attention to improve sales so I can afford to keep paying my editor etc. Just wondering if people (...)

    8. Re: Are you a gardener or an architect?

      https://i.ytimg.com/vi/GO6Si7sZkHs/hqdefault.jpg That is to say, I'm a lead farmer ****** ******!

    9. Re: Words a session

      For Web novels, I aim for 1500. I used to just write until the idea was done, but I got reader feedback saying that many of my chapters felt too short. Trying to stretch out my chapters to 2k just started (...)

    10. Re: Because it needed to be said!!

      Wow ok, so I read the first chapter of your story and I think I see what might have happened. Your story has major grammatical issues. So many that I honestly don't know if any line in that first chapter (...)

    11. Re: Because it needed to be said!!

      I'm curious about the review swap thing. If you choose to participate in a review swap and have serious issues with a story and rate it at what you feel it deserves, meaning something other than 4.5/5 (...)

    12. Re: Buller's superior guide to writing

      Why create when you can derive?

    13. Re: Am I the oldest person here?

      Gen Xer here, when we make another revolution around the sun I'll be 50. :/  I'm a Gen Xer too. Just turned 50 in September. Gen Xers unite! Or whatever. Pfft. That sounds like effort. https://criterionforum.org/img/header/headerphoto1625211.jpg (...)

    14. Re: Am I the oldest person here?

      One thing about the internet is that it made me realise that old people are people too. Who'd have thought?! Hopefully they're wise people, because without wisdom, we're doomed. Wisdom is overrated. (...)

    15. Re: Anyone have ideas for a level-up system but can't be bothered to turn it into an actual fic?

      You read the title. This post is pretty self-explanatory. I'm a bit stuck on ideas for a unique leveling system while keeping the same plot I've already designed for a fic I'm writing. For those wondering, (...)

    16. Re: World building pet peeves

      Prologues that are the equivalent of that one guy you knew in high school that knows everything about some scifi/fan series and spends an hour telling you about it when you seriously do not care at all. (...)

    17. Re: Am I the oldest person here?

      Gen Xer here, when we make another revolution around the sun I'll be 50. :/ 


      Hey guys how ya'll doing i am looking for feedback on any of my two novels on royalroad i'd like to know where i can improve and if the first chapters got a good hook thank you https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/60610/so-my-dad-hired-a-babysitter (...)

    19. Re: In-depth guide on uploading new chapters!

      Wow, I do it all wrong I guess. I just write the chapter into the RR input box, read the copy it gives me after I press the publish button (edit the huge mistake I find), and then start browsing for a (...)