1. How detailed is your chapter outline?

      I think mine is very detailed. For example, it's usually around 350-500 words. How about you guys?

    2. Re: 2000 Views!

      congratzz congratzz  :DrakanWine:

    3. Re: Can people write what they have never felt ?

      I find it hard to even write what I am feeling.

    4. Re: wow i forgot to do this

      Darn 1 million words? Congratzzz, most people don't even read that many in 2-3 years. :DrakanWine:

    5. Re: How do you feel about OP protagonist?

      It depends on the execution. I like both weak and strong.   :FancyDrakan:

    6. Re: What's your MC's name and how did you come up with it?

      Cuz my novel has chinese settings I just look up cast of chinese drama on mydramalist and copy their names. Like, I don't change anything. Straight up copying it. For worldbuilding stuff, I just (...)

    7. Re: Theme Song for your story

      I have many here are some of them: (...)

    8. Re: Best sci-fi books written by Asian authors?

      I can highly recommend The Legendary Mechanic. So epic. :DrakanBook: I don't know any 'real' sci-fi books.

    9. Re: Morality in your tale... Is this a standard?

      I am not a fan of good vs evil. Too black and white. Sure, there are some stuff that's objectively evil and inexcusable. But those are few in numbers, most things are in gradient and depends on (...)

    10. Re: 1,000 views, 100 pages!

      That's pretty damn good. 10 views / 1p. Congratzzz  :DrakanWine:

    11. Re: Broke into 5k

      Congratzzz.  :peoapproval:

    12. I was planning to write a trash story but I ended up with...

      a very detailed outline and world building. Why can't I just plan and write shitty stories? This was supposed to be a way to relax from work, but how did I ended up spending so much brain juice on it? (...)

    13. How detailed is your outline?

      Mine is now at 10k words and it's still not even 5% done. I write a pretty detailed plot, character background etc. The plot is broken down into volumes, each volume will have a climax at the end.  (...)

    14. Re: Favorite Writing Snacks?

      No snacks, only water for me.

    15. Re: 2000 Views! +HIT RISING STARS!!!!

      Nicely done! Have some delicious wine :DrakanWine:

    16. Re: Have you ever read something that had a blatant author insert.

      Not so far... or maybe I just haven't noticed it. I usually read novels with high rating so I might have avoided all of them.

    17. Re: Dividing the Best Rated

      I do think this could work especially when the best rated section take up the whole bottom page.

    18. Re: Does anyone else get really excited to post a new chapter?

      I just publish it when I am done with the chapter, hunting for that dopamine. I will try to build some backlog in the future but I will leave that for my future-self to take care of.

    19. Re: How many chapters does a story need before you would start reading it?

      I prefer completed stories but if it's good then I don't really care. It sucks if the release schedule is only 1 chapter per week though.

    20. Re: What do you think is the optimal chapter size?

      I find shorter chapters to be more "engaging" due to the cliffhanger in them. However, the longer chapters are usually alright if the story is good and it doesn't gets boring in the middle.