1. Re: How do I add the blue boxes?

      I've figured it out guys. Any tips and advice are still welcome though. 

    2. How do I add the blue boxes?

      I've searched through the forums and I can't find a guide for it. If anyone can teach me or link me to the appropriate post, that'd be amazing.  Thank you. 

    3. Re: Looking for a LitRPG where power is intrinsic, not extrinsic

      Try The Harvester by Ahra Manyu. It pretty much fits the bill of what you're asking for. Give it twenty chapters because the starting is a little weak and see if you like it. It's come to be one of (...)

    4. Re: List of good non-LitRPG series

      Try realm of monsters.  Deathworld Commando Reborn is amazing too.  Jester of the apocalypse is currently my go to read. 

    5. Re: Do comments do anything?

      This is just a question out of pure curiosity, but do comments do anything in terms of manipulating the algorithm? Or are they just there for author-reader communication?  They make me happy. They don't (...)

    6. Re: RR's detrimental need for every character to be cold and rational.

      I think people just like your characters to be consistent. That's it. If they're consistently in touch with their emotions and make judgements and decisions in accordance with them, no one will have (...)

    7. Re: What do you like to see in fight scenes? Any/all feedback appreciated.

      Read The New World by Monsoon117. He does fight scenes the best in my opinion. Maybe not so much at the beginning of his story but from chapter 200+, I don't think anyone does it bettter. I've physically (...)

    8. Re: Timeloop Stories with Short Loops

      Minute mage loosely fits what your looking for. Very loosely. The loop isn't really a loop and he has minutes. 

    9. Re: Favorites and influences

      I love the way Garth Nix writes. Especially in his 'The Old Kingdom' series. Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen are some of my favourite books. I think I read Lirael a minimum of 25 times over the years. 

    10. Re: A book like Eragon

      https://asianacircus.com/best-fantasy-books-about-dragons/ Is it on this list? (Maybe The Dragon's Eye?) Unfortunately, it's not on the list. It's a book that's not very successful. I've searched through (...)

    11. Re: A book like Eragon

      Okay. I tried asking ChatGPT. This answer may be wrong but here is what the AI came up with: “The Sea of Trolls" by Nancy Farmer. This book tells the story of a boy named Jack and his sister, Lucy, (...)

    12. Re: A book like Eragon

      A few years ago I read a book on my classmates kindle. Can't find it again no matter how much I try and I've lost contact with him.

    13. Re: A book like Eragon

      Do you recall any names or sentences verbatim? I read it 5 years ago by doing an all-nighter. That's why I've forgotten the title in the first place.  Everything I can remember, I've already said. (...)

    14. A book like Eragon

      I know this should be in the forgotten title section but I've posted there twice already and come back with no results. I am quite literally dying to finish this series and this is my last hope. Here goes. (...)

    15. Re: Ethically, if you're using AI, your creation should be labelled as such

      This is a very interesting topic and I'm honestly surprised at the responses found on Royalroad. Personally, I don't really care much about the issue, I don't know how to use word properly nevermind this (...)

    16. Re: Favourite novels?

      The Belgariad by David Eddings.  Its a guilty pleasure.  Not exactly high literature but I do enjoy dipping into it from time to time for something easy and fun. Plenty more but I'll stop there for (...)

    17. Re: Favourite novels?

      I can't quite pick a favourite but 'The shadow of the wind' by Carlos Ruiz. It's a book that I couldn't get out of my head for weeks.  I loved that story. Not to be confused with The name of the (...)

    18. Re: I've Unlocked a sixth sense

      Sometimes, I question the sanity of the average Royal Road user. So do I.