1. Re: Tell Us About Your Story(Round 2)

      The Glint Spear has stood for generations, a bastion of Divinity for all those who manage to climb it. For many who dwell within Luminos, they dream of making it to the top of the Spear, and claiming the (...)

    2. Re: What's a good serial output rate?

      Between 5-7k per week is enough. However, it isn't really what manages to catch readers. You'll need to prepare a daily release schedule for the first few weeks, and combine it with shoutouts/review (...)

    3. Re: In your experience how do chapter names affect readership?

      I think they can be used to good effect, but it doesn't really dictate the success of a story. You see this a lot in traditional pub books. Many top authors use chapter names, but others use simple (...)

    4. Discover The Glint Spear - Traditional Fantasy Adventure On Royal Road!

      Hi there Royal Roaders!   You seem weary from all those stat pages, and lengthy cultivation tales. Come, take a seat, let me tell you about an exciting fantasy adventure just waiting for you to enjoy. (...)

    5. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -28 We have fallen far since last I checked this thread. :(

    6. Re: What's up with Rising Stars?

      I could be wrong, as the inner workings of Rising Stars are kept secret, but I also believe the age of the story plays a role as well. As your story gets past a certain age, I believe it gets weighted (...)

    7. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      28 :DrakanGlasses:

    8. Re: I can't decided, so I'll let you lot do so

      Hear me out. Cheese, pepperoni, then more cheese.

    9. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      Welcome, I see you've been served, I'd recommend the hobble-goblin, unless you're a fan off really, REALLY, smelly cheeses, they pair excellently with the sock-goblin beer. :peoeyesparkle: Really really (...)

    10. Re: Disastrous demotivation

      I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling with this Spider.  :peodistress: What you're going through is a story as old as time. Some of the greatest writers ever to live have been exactly where you are (...)