Etudie Perpetuity: Genius Student in Another World

Etudie Perpetuity: Genius (...)
by PeacefulCatastrophe
995 pages

Cas is a gifted college senior who knows over a dozen languages, studies all sorts of subjects, and has an amazing memory. His only problem? He has no idea what to do with his life. One night, he falls into a river and finds himself reincarnated as an elf in a prehistoric fantasy world. Now, Cas must use his experience and wits to overpower the elements and conquer the supernatural mysteries that plague the world! 

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The Last Ship in Suzhou

The Last Ship in Suzhou (...)
by lungs
689 pages

Ripped from the comfort of our world, David and Alice must face the demons of the past and enemies of their own making. The dictates of Fate and Karma push the universe to behave in a certain way and cultivation is an act of defiance. To defy the heavens is to change the world, and nothing ever changes. Except when it does.

Xianxia and isekai, done in a different way.

Everything has happened before and every instrument sounds the same.
Grudges held for generations, with no sure source of blame.
From this world seed would the skies cast a die.
But it doesn't change, it doesn't learn why.

Who would dare to challenge the lie?

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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