1. Re: Is there a place to post more serious web novels?

      Mine isn't a great fit anywhere too. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't stick with it.  You're a month old, and 125 pages in. 600 views in, 9 reviews, and 9 followers.  That's not really that far (...)

    2. Re: Lack of “pure” sci-fi

      OP, how exactly would you define 'pure' sci-fi?  We can imagine a sliding scale, with the Martian on one side and Star Wars on the other.  1: The Martian really has nothing in it that isn't achievable (...)

    3. Re: When does an author's handling of negative reviews count as petty?

      Huh. I think maybe I need to start leaving more reviews. :D I've only left one review that I thought was truly negative. The author PMed me and thanked me for it, and actually made a number of significant (...)

    4. Re: You ever get this weird feeling?

      lol that's opposite for me, I always look at tags and genres and decide if I want to read/watch it based on that, not paying much attention to blurb  btw royal road's tags are super awful, too (...)

    5. Re: Offering Traditional (and Free) Review Swap or Art

      @Genuine55 Hmm, that's a pretty interesting design concept! I'm not 100% sure yet, but I'm leaning toward accepting this request. Do you have any reference images that could give me a more specific (...)

    6. Re: Prologues: Skip or not to skip?

      At almost 200 pages and 20 chapters, I can say with a moderate level of confidence, my story is still in the prologue stage and I'm actually super tempted to slap "end of prologue" around 300 pages in (...)

    7. Re: Offering Traditional (and Free) Review Swap or Art

      My Fiction: King in the Castle Choose which swap or free option you want below by placing an X in front of the dash: (OR, if you are open to more than one, numerically rank them with 1 as your top (...)

    8. Re: Present your story with a terrible, oversimplified blurb.

      Everything good in the world is because of me. 

    9. Re: What are your favourite storylines in LitRPG / Isekai books?

      really? you could just read the tool-tip in the search parameters when selecting a tag to get the definition to each. is it not clear? do you think newbies gonna miss it also? That would depend, (...)

    10. Re: Who has the most evil antagonist? (Battle of Your Villains)

      I don't really have an antagonist, per se. But my MC is a covert narcissist who consistently takes credit for other people's work, ignores criticism, and treats other people as objects. I'm kinda going (...)

    11. Re: So, what’re your routines?

      Procastination. Ahhhh, a kindred spirit. FYI - you can click the quote button on multiple posts and it will aggregate them all into one response. That way you can respond to multiple (...)

    12. Re: So, what’re your routines?

      Procastination. Ahhhh, a kindred spirit. FYI - you can click the quote button on multiple posts and it will aggregate them all into one response. That way you can respond to multiple (...)

    13. Re: Do you separate your stories or keep it under one name?

      I thought hard about this. If I were to publish what I have planned, it’d be three novels that share a setting and theme.  However, each is focused on a different character, each novel overlaps a lot (...)

    14. Re: Just call to say "hello"

      Hi! It’s always awesome to see what new things people are writing! I’m so happy to see yours!

    15. Re: So, what’re your routines?

      So, what rituals do you guys have to put you into the writing mood? Playlists? A special place? Some sort of blood sacrifice? Oh, do tell! I try not to write with music. I find it distracting. (...)

    16. Re: Basically I'm new here.

      Thank you all for answering, just one final doubt.  I found out I need to authenticate that I am the original author, but I did not find it explicitly stated. Am I allowed to upload here and on other (...)

    17. Re: Grammarly or other grammar tools?

      I like hemmingwayapp a lot. It has some of the same mis-corrections as Grammarly, but I really appreciate the visual colorcoding.  I have a tendency towards long and complicated sentences, and I like (...)

    18. Question about seeing more chapters in dashboard

      So I've gotten to really like the fiction dashboard page, especially the list of chapters. However, as I've gone on I've found that it only shows 20 chapters.  Some of the information is useful to have (...)

    19. Re: Share your writing process!

      Write a point form overview of several chapters Chapter 34 Do X, Y, Z, Chapter 35 Event A, Chapter 36 Do XX, YY, Chapter 37 Event B Then jump around writing random stuff in that span of chapters. (...)

    20. Do you ever forget where a reference comes from?

      I try hard and include references in most of my writing. Unless I'm lampshading something I usually try to be subtle though, and I've realized I don't remember where a lot of my references come from.  (...)