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      Just a friendly little guy I wanna pet them! Also, the rim lighting really helps this piece glow!

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      Okay! I think this thread is ready for a bump. Some of my recent faves: (...)

    3. Re: Finally got my character commissoned, meet the very waters blue dragon, Sylph.

      Ohh~! Cute derg alert!! I love them!!! 💙 It feels really great to finally have a picture after cursing so many artists. Cursing as in somehow always bad things happened when I wanted to commission (...)

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      And the animals are always fun, altough giving these pictures makes it feel a bit more of the fury deal (I say that as if it wasn't objectively the case). What can I say, you can't learn to draw animal (...)

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      Thanks, everyone! but I personally like the sepia tone. I think it gives the illustrations more of a fantasy feel. Totally agree, that was what I was originally aiming for with it. With the sepia (...)

    7. The Art of The Princess's Feathers

      Hi! I'm the writer and artist of The Princess's Feathers, an illustrated fantasy novel about A Princess who, instead of being captured by a Dragon, turns into a Dragon! I originally conceived this story (...)