Bird of Dawn

Bird of Dawn

    1. Re: Joke titles requested!

      “Very Very Super Long Title That Is Basically A Substitution For A Blurb, Also, This Title Has More Words In It Than The Number Of Words I Get To Intentionally Say In The Entirety Of This Book.” 

    2. Re: Naming Characters. Come Rant With Me

      I'm not sure if this was suggested, but can just include it in dialogue, like someone mispronounce it constantly, and the MC corrects them. It’s a fine idea, but it has the potential to come across (...)

    3. Re: Naming Characters. Come Rant With Me

      I think we all end up thinking about it at some point. I've come to accept that I'll never be able to control how people pronounce names anymore than I will be able to make them picture the character (...)

    4. Re: Naming Characters. Come Rant With Me

      Finally a place to rant. I’m thinking of whether or not to make pronunciation guide at the start of my book mainly because my MC’s name is “Demini” and there is so many ways to theoretically pronounce (...)

    5. Re: What’s your favorite “overdone” monster/fantasy race?

      Elves, because they are always the same and because they were barely used for anything else. Two of my favourite portrayals of Elves are in Skyrim and Dungeon Meshi. In the first, they became quasi-nazi, (...)

    6. What’s your favorite “overdone” monster/fantasy race?

      Say’s it all in the title. I still like vampires despite after all the Twilight clones and all it’s jokes. I still believe that they are versatile, especially since they are very very customizable. (...)

    7. Re: What is the most annoying reoccurring fantasy race?

      I would like hear your thoughts on which fantasy races just gets underneath your skin with how common they are, and certain things associated with them. For me it's elves, for God's sake please, no more (...)

    8. Re: Lack of purely monsterous protagonists in fiction. Why could this be?

      (You can take what I say with a huge chunk of salt since this is solely how I feel) I personally believe the reason why there isn’t a lot of purely monstrous protagonists is because there isn’t a lot (...)

    9. Do you guys know how to make a plot in general?

      I think this is what’s got me in my writer’s block. I both want something calm yet I want to add some exciting stuff, and yet whenever I look at my plot outline it looks boring. I have no idea what to (...)

    10. Re: What is a character you have created in the past that makes you cringe now?

      In Sophomore year of high school I wrote about these edgy vampires, yep… I think the first 6 words provided enough context already.

    11. What is your supernatural creature(s) like?

      Since it is the time of the year for monsters and all that spooky, I’m just curious about how people are writing their supernatural creatures. You can share your version of a classic creature(s) (i.e. (...)

    12. Re: Has anyone else ever used their experiences in work as inspiration for hatable characters?

      Yes, I have used many, many personal experiences to spark the mindsets of many, many antagonists and hatable characters.  As a matter of fact, almost every single character I've written that I've (...)

    13. Has anyone else ever used their experiences in work as inspiration for hatable characters?

      I’m sure many of us heard about and (unfortunately) experienced entitled customers in both the retail and service industries. They can have huge egos, be hot-headed, entitled, etc. Great inspiration for (...)

    14. Re: (Sorta) Finished my first chapter

      just like that, you're now an author, hold your head up high though you're newly hatched, i'm sure that soon you'll learn to fly! :peohello: I did publish stuff before (but it’s on wattpad and I (...)

    15. Re: (Sorta) Finished my first chapter

      Congratulations! What’s it about? Hard for me to describe right now. But it’s about a vampire, who hates being one, wanting to form a relationship with her new friend, but also feels hesitant about (...)

    16. Re: (Sorta) Finished my first chapter

      Well done. The first step is always the hardest. Congratulations. Thank you! But what is exactly the first step?

    17. Re: What’s a piece of common writing advice that you really disagree with?

      "If you're ever stuck in a scene have someone enter the room with a gun" I write fantasy, this isn't helpful at all. If I took that advice, every scene I write would have someone entering a room (...)

    18. Re: (Sorta) Finished my first chapter

      I just finished (for now, I’ll probably re-edit) my first chapter to my book. While I won’t posting it since I’m planning to stockpile before I start publishing here, it feels great that I can say that (...)

    19. Re: Alright, So How Has Writing Been Going For You Lot?

      After a month since I started on my book, I’m at least almost done with my first chapter (which would be about 2k words). I feel both bad and good about it. 

    20. Re: Would it be strange to only have elves and humans as the only races in my world?

      I wanted elves since that’s how I imagine my world. Is that a weak reason to have elves? I'm not against you having elves in your story. However if you do, please make them fill a purpose. You (...)