Tales of Demons and Dragons - An Apocalyptic Xianxia!

Good read, fun hearty romp through a cultivation and magic universe, reset is well managed and the author has really thought about the impact of knowing the future has on the past. author also interacts and responds to comments. 


Well worth a read , could do with a once over with a proofreader but nothing major

The Houndsman [Base-Building LitRPG]

A beautiful fantasy romp with a manlings best friend cant wait to see how the story develops and how all the characters grow, very impressed with the quality of the writing and the story just seems to flow. 

Only complaint is that I cant read the whole thing already.

Theres nothing better than a heart warming story of companship and growth 

Angel's Dirge

Read it!!!. Just throw away ur hesitation and give it a gander, enjoyable read and well written.

Definitely one of the better stories out and about at the moment could do with a bit more support from readers and all that. 

I like turtles and beware  the penguin overlords.


Honestly 50 word limits is annoying i can't count that high

Magitech Awakenings

A delightfully well written foray into a magically diverse world

Well worth a read especially with the 40 odd chapters now up and listed. has been a delight to read and cant wait for the next chapter fix. Its rare to find a story with decent world building and well written characters but they manage it well. 

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Spectacular Ocular Experience

Dam thats some sweet sweet chapters. Loving it so far cant wait for more intresting blend/mash up of litrpg. Well worth a read, decent flow didnt notice any spelling mistakes was to busy enjoying the heck out of it 

Underworld - Level Up or Die!

Funniest synopsis i have read in awhile but really good read

World Merge


Amazing the best read since Awaken Online, Some next level authoring right there buddy .


P.s More chapter i need MOAAARRRRRRRRR


Amazing Looking forward to more

AMazeballs. wicked start hope the following chapter's flow fast and are of the same quality

Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

Gi gi gu. Well worth reading wuve more than turtles

OOOO amazing well written can wait for the next trimester. i mean chapter 

Helena's Plane

love'd it keep writing

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