1. Mad Max Meets 28 Days Later with Gladiatorial Combat

      Not gonna lie, I've had this one around for a while and never quite knew where it would fit.  I've never been huge on the idea of the zombie apocalypse and feel like it became overdone and strayed from (...)

    2. Re: general new author tips?

      There's generally seen as two 'schools' of writing. Planner and Panster. A planner makes some sort of outline for their work, a panster goes by the 'seat of their pants.' I've always been a panster (...)

    3. Re: Writers: What do you consider the basic fundamentals of writing? What would be the advanced fundamentals?

      Know yourself. I think that's the most important part of being an author. Know what you like to read and what you want to write. Understand what your goals are as a writer. Are you an artist? Do (...)

    4. There was no room for puny humans in the arena alongside the galaxy’s mightiest warriors... until now.

      In a future where galactic supremacy is decided by a brutal bloodsport inside of the arenas, humanity never stood a chance. Every last hero dispatched into the INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH met with the same (...)

    5. Re: Don't include a prologue in your story

      As with every other piece of advice for writers, it's essentially "don't abuse this." If you go into a project with "I need to do a prologue," chances are you don't. If you're inexperienced, you'll (...)

    6. Re: Grammarly or other grammar tools?

      During a sale I bought a lifetime subscription to ProWritingAid, which is similar to Grammarly but has (imo) better tools for fiction writers.  I've gotten into a good rhythm using it and it definitely (...)

    7. Re: A Boy and His Exploding Barbed Wire Bat Against the Galaxy

      INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH is something different. https://www.royalroadcdn.com/public/covers-full/intergalactic-deathmatch-aaaa8qqsfxa.jpg I've published a bunch of more traditional, "written to market" (...)

    8. Re: What are our thoughts on posting chapters as we write them?

      I've been posting-as-I-go, but I'm also not just immediately tossing them up, either. I'll write a few chapters at a time, let them sit for a few days, go back and do some editing, then schedule them. (...)

    9. Re: What’s a piece of common writing advice that you really disagree with?

      I don't necessarily disagree with it, but people shouldn't say "show, don't tell" unless they actually know what that piece of advice means. The vast majority of people I've seen throw it around either (...)