A V Dalcourt

A V Dalcourt

    1. Re: Tagging Abuse

      I really appreciate the warning tag in the chapter. I leaves it to me to decide if the author has the chops to treat the trauma with care or if it's going to be used for shock value (only one of the two (...)

    2. Re: Shoutout

      Thank you Eric - I didn't mean to make it sound like it was sinister or not appreciated. The shout out was arranged, but mostly by sheer luck of having seen the post. It was surprising that my husband (...)

    3. Re: What is your writing-buddy beverage?

      do you mean alcoholic or non-alcoholic? Non-alcoholic. I'm not sure we can get alcoholic apple cider in Canada....but to be fair I never looked.  I don't do alcohol due to the generations of alcoholics (...)

    4. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      http://www.awakeninganthology.com/themes/drupal8_parallax_theme/images/Cover-Awakening.jpg The Awakening changed the face of reality itself. A cataclysm of dimensional proportions, the event unleashed (...)

    5. Shoutout

      This morning, I'm moseying up to my PC to get some plotting and drafting done for my up-coming project. I settle in all nice an snug, tea in hand, when I see that my husband has messaged me. This is unusual (...)

    6. Re: Yay Got my First Hurtful Review of a half a Star

      Keep your head up. You know you have grammar issues, just pick up a tip on grammar and practice it for like a week on your writing - you can just focus on new stuff, or you can go over stuff you've written (...)

    7. Re: A "Romantic Subplot" Tag

      I would appreciate this tag. I'm one of those readers who drops a book at the first sign of romance, and that's only because romance has over saturated the genres I love to read - and it's always treated (...)

    8. Re: What is your writing-buddy beverage?

      I drink tea in the morning. I have a can of soda around lunch time, then it's supposed to be just water after that - for the most part i keep to it. But i'll cycle in apple cider or hot chocolate on cold (...)

    9. Re: Have you ever read something that had a blatant author insert.

      I have this line about William in Awakening that I told a reader once: William is every a**hole thought I ever had. Every selfish, self-serving, and downright cruel thought. I was aiming to make him an (...)

    10. Re: What are shoutouts?

      Is it bad form to contact the person to let them know I did a shout out? I'm planning a few. I don't really want to keep to folks who write similarly to me but rather I'd like to share the stories I'm (...)

    11. What are shoutouts?

      What are shout outs and how does one go about doing this?

    12. Re: Has anyone ever planned something in their story only for it to somehow be different than you originally (...)

      This is why I plan my character, story arcs, and chapters in point form, nothing to elaborate, and rush the 1st and 2nd draft. I like to shake out all of the cheap bad ideas before I invest real energy (...)

    13. Re: Need to vent?

      I feel like I've been spinning my tires in the mud for like 10 years. I'm not even 30 yet, and I feel like I'm stuck. I can't work due to some severe issues and now I spend most of days trying to create (...)

    14. Re: How long did it take to plot your story?

      Once I commit to the raw idea, I takes me roughly 2 weeks at an hour or two a day to get through series arc, book arc, Character arcs, divide then plan the 3 act structure, divide then plan the chapters. (...)

    15. Re: How Far To Plan Drafts?

      I plan my my series arc (though that's just done with a single sentence per book), but I only work on one book at a time when plotting. It's good to know I have plans for more, but it's not needed right (...)

    16. Re: Is it worth making a sequel if the first isn't doing so well.

      Sometimes taking the time to do a new project can give you insight that you were otherwise lacking with your first book. The lessons learned in the new project can be applied later to the 2nd book. I don't (...)

    17. Re: I just got downvoted to hell at r/writing for saying you can't make a good novel in a month...

      Like a certain bearded author with the acronym GRRM perhaps? I was totally thinking of him when I said that :P He has a reputation for being prolific at writing - the problem is he's writing screenplays, (...)

    18. Re: I just got downvoted to hell at r/writing for saying you can't make a good novel in a month...

      On the flip side, if someone told me they spent 7 years writing a book, I'd think that they weren't focused or a serious writer. Probably more along the lines of writing just incase their great idea (...)

    19. Re: I just got downvoted to hell at r/writing for saying you can't make a good novel in a month...

      I can write a 80K draft in 1 month - start to finish. It's a flaming pile of garbage, but I can do it. In my first draft phase I can do 3,000 word per hour. I need another month to do my 2nd draft. That's (...)