A V Dalcourt

A V Dalcourt

    1. Re: What it means to enjoy writing? Or more specifically, what you enjoy about writing.

      I like the surprises that come with writing. I do light plotting and rapid drafting to help me get through the story. I end up thinking the story will go one way, but it ends up turning out different from (...)

    2. Re: How do you feel about creative writing courses?

      This is a tricky thing because you can apply the same general idea to "art classes are a waste of time". They can be, for sure, but that is dependent on the teacher and the student.  The student may (...)

    3. Re: What brings meaning to your life?

      In a materialistic sense - I strive for ultimate functionality. This often means keeping my systems up-to-date. I have a writing pc and a separate pc for coding and design. I have a tablet for reading, (...)

    4. Re: I think I lost my mind but still...no regrets

      Chin up. Keep writing. Keep going. Learn. Practice. Apply. Write some more. Revise.

    5. Re: When would you give up?

      $400 in under two weeks. I have a indie friend who would kill to do that. She pulls in 200-300 a month pretty consistently, but churns out a book every month or two.  Perspective is one thing, by tthe (...)

    6. Re: The Forums and Complaining about Rating system

      This reminds me of a story a traditionally published author shared on her fan page years ago. It went something like this: As a young aspiring writer in her teens, at the behest of her bestie, they (...)

    7. Re: How Many of You Guys Actually Patrol The Latest Updates and New Releases Sections?

      I do. I struggle to turn off my critical brain to indulge in new-to-writing fiction. But I do try to say something nice to encourage them. Though I'm beginning to think maybe it's false encouragement. (...)

    8. Re: Where Do You Enjoy Thinking and Writing?

      Thinking - depends. I'm a problem solver, so when i hit a story road block where I can't force the words, I have to stop to think about the problem. The thinking takes time - days/months because it's a (...)

    9. Re: Time.

      Awakening Prodigy has been a WIP since 2015 (i think). I've had to go into hiatus mode more than a few times as contracts demanded my attention. Until my writing pays my bills, just like everyone else, (...)

    10. Re: Discussion: Thoughtful storytelling vs Engineered storytelling

      Anyway, that was the sort of thing I first guessed you might have in mind as "engineered stories," but apparently my first guess was wrong. (Which did not come as a great shock.) You're not wrong (...)

    11. Re: Got my first rating!

      Low ratings only hurt in the short term. It's easy to get fixated on reviews and rating scores - but from experience it's pretty negligible. Still kudos to readers who are loving on your work.

    12. Re: First review!

      Well done! It's always nice to get some strong reviews.

    13. Re: I created my first cover!

      Your cover is lovely! Nice!

    14. Re: Aduio quality on self filmed audiobook. . . yea or nea?

      A better mic will go a long way to dulling some of the artifacts/background hum, and reduce the popping of the P's and t's. You might be able to get away with a Koss headset +mic. I use Yeti mics for my (...)

    15. Re: How do you tag someone in a forum reply?

      I've not been able to get notifications to trigger for posts or threads I'm following. I usually just say my piece and move on with my life - unless it's a thread I've created.  But if you want a reply (...)

    16. Re: Procuring an editor!

      Been there done that. I used Reedsy for a professional editor. Side story: I used to hire editors from UpWork - which turned out to be back-seat editors or stay at home mom's who wanted to make a little (...)

    17. Re: I have been here for 8 years!

      You're ancient. Grats! No keeling over on us.

    18. Re: "you're not a good writer"

      This is why writing for validation is so toxic. For every 10 good jobs, the writer will get 1 saying a reader hated it. And that will stick with the writer. If the writer has a tendency to crave the 'good (...)