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A V Dalcourt

    1. Your advice for this writing advice...

      I'm digging up some popular writing advice and sharing it here to discuss. I'm hoping we can have some thoughtful and perhaps insightful discussion of some of the advice that's commonly shared. I'm only (...)

    2. Re: A Nervy Hello to Everyone

      Welcome, and best of luck! Hopefully your persistence will pay off.

    3. Re: Hello

      Welcome! And robot mercenary?! I'm sold.

    4. Re: Hopping in

      Procrastination is 90% of my work load. In fact I'm procrastinating right now. I should stop really.... I have writing to get on with.

    5. Re: City of Eaxura making its way to Royal Road

      Welcome to the gang, though it sounds like you've been around for a while. May you enjoy many a milestone!

    6. Re: Hello!

      Welcome to the gang! May your efforts be justly rewarded.

    7. Re: How do you all feel about stories where any character can die?

      Depends on emotional investment of the reader to the character. I want to say AND how it's done, but I'm not so sure that's true. In the book I'm reading, actually just last night, one of the characters (...)

    8. Re: Power trip vs Doormat Rant

      I don't much care for making a character suffer for the sake of making them suffer. There's no really story progression there, no character development. What I do enjoy seeing is a character who is knocked (...)

    9. Re: So ... What are y'all reading lately?

      I've been reading The Black Tongued Thief - on the last 100 pages. Should be done this weekend then onto reading Chrysalids because now I might enjoy it because I'm not being forced to read it under pressure (...)

    10. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      http://www.awakeninganthology.com/themes/drupal8_parallax_theme/images/Cover-Awakening.jpg The Awakening changed the face of reality itself. A cataclysm of dimensional proportions, the event unleashed (...)

    11. Re: Stories.

      I started Chronicles of a Necromancer when I was 15-16. Was too lazy to write a 10-page creative assignement, so handed in my first chapter. The teacher was blow away. Personally, looking back on the (...)

    12. Re: When would you give up?

      When A.V. Dalcourt or whoever else feels compelled to counter some of my points Actually I was going to say I agree with you 100%. (and I love discussing this stuff - so no stress) What you're talking (...)

    13. Re: When would you give up?

      Don't worry about it. I wish there was a way for me to repay you. Ditto. I'm happy to help, even if it's a little overwhelming.  Start with learning your business skills - not 100% needed - (...)

    14. Re: When would you give up?

      Yes, I believe I am. I'm trying my best to obtain information from successful indie authors on how to make a living out of this. For instance, I joined 20booksto50k on FB. . No, not really. I hired (...)

    15. Re: When would you give up?

      50 shades of gray is purchasable on amazon 50 shades was very heavily pushed by Amazon. I remember seeing commercials for MONTHs when it was released. Totally had a vested interest.  I've had authors (...)

    16. Re: Separate Patrons only versions of RR content... your thoughts?

      Thank you all for the wise words.  Building a following is why I post to RR to begin with. RR is also rich with fantasy readers, even if they gear toward particular niches. It's still better than publishing (...)

    17. Re: When would you give up?

      You're not really wrong for doing that though. That's almost as important as the entire story. First impressions are the most important. When I see a cover that looks like it's drawn by an 8 year old (...)

    18. Separate Patrons only versions of RR content... your thoughts?

      For the past few months I've been trying to decide if I wanted to post my 4th draft to RR. This was a no brainer before I had a Patreon account.  I'm advised that the 4th draft along with all of the insider (...)

    19. Re: What you think about Kindle Unlimited vs Royal Road?

      For those saying that authors should avoid KU and "go wide", would you still recommend selling your completed works on Amazon itself? Not KU, but the "regular" Amazon? Going wide is a bit of pain, (...)