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A V Dalcourt

    1. Re: Open for Advance Review Swaps #2

      Hey, why not? If only for the fact you share my wife's first name 😂 Yay US! I don't much care for LitRPG but I'm learning that there are some really great ones out there. I'm down for this Awesome (...)

    2. Open for Advance Review Swaps #2 [Closed]

      I've got some free time this week - well not really. You see, I'm doing a ton of admin work which is super dull. To keep things interesting, I like to listen to stories. It's been working out great! I'm (...)

    3. Re: Got some free time / Want to do Review Swaps

      I'll throw my hat into the ring. Awakening Prodigy is a dark fantasy novel with lovecraftian undertones. I'd prefer an advanced review. Read as little or as much as you want. I find I often form an opinion (...)

    4. Re: What has turned you off about a story?,

      When the blurp and first chapter reads like plot heavy and telling me it is about some secret competition to a secret organization to access secret knowledge and involve magical battles between characters... (...)

    5. Re: Review Swap for 20k words (for first 5 review max)

      I'm happy to swap :) Mine is Awakening prodigy - a lovecraftian dark fantasy novel - 20 K brings you up to chapter 4.1 in my work. I can get to yours on Tuesday if we're doing this.

    6. Re: Seeking Review Swaps

      Hi there, I'd been interested in an advance review swap. 10K is roughly chapter 3.1 - but I'm easy. I don't want this thing to be a chore, so do as much or as little as you like. Awakening (link in banner), (...)

    7. Re: Are you interested in a review swap?

      I'm happy to do a swap with you. Might be able to read yours tomorrow in fact :)

    8. Re: Review Swap Up To 30K - 1/3 (Fantasy Genre)

      I'm happy to do a swap with you. I'll need a minute to calculate the required words tho. I'll DM you. Awakening is a Lovecraftian Dark Fantasy 

    9. Re: Wanna review swap?

      I'm happy to do a swap. 

    10. Re: Review swaps anyone?

      I'm happy to do a Review swap with you . My book is Awakening: Prodigy Also link through the banner

    11. Re: I have a great idea. Let's swap some reviews.

      I'd be happy to do a review swap with you. My story is Awakening: Prodigy - also same story in the banner

    12. Re: Promote your story with the first three paragraphs the reader sees

      Omega struggled to hold on to her fleeting consciousness as she flew through her memories like a comet skirting the planet’s atmosphere. A vivid memory of bygone years. A cacophony of context, intentions, (...)

    13. Re: Promote your story by telling us what question/statement sparked the idea?

      Awakening (Series concept) = if everything you did led to the end of the world, what would you do to change it? Awakening: Prodigy = If you knew there was a demon beneath the Academy that churned out (...)

    14. Re: Looking for Review Swap, any story, to certain length

      I'm willing to do a swap. Should be able to get to yours tomorrow if not Saturday.

    15. Re: Trading shout outs for a review!

      Ahh, that's fair! I wanted to promise to read everyone who replied's books but I didn't want to make that promise so I've been secretly doing it   Luckily, I've already read the first 10 chapters of yours (...)

    16. Re: Trading shout outs for a review!

      Hi Alexa! I like the angle you're taking with the shoutouts. I kind of regret time consumption of the path I chose on this campaign. But it is what it, and I found some truly awesome stuff this time around! (...)

    17. Re: Free Reviews. Possibly.

      I'm game. The story is Awakening: Prodigy you can also click on my banner to get to it. I'll give your book a go either later today or tomorrow.

    18. Re: Review Swaps!

      I wouldn't mind doing a swap. My 10K words is probably at the end of chapter 3.1.