1. Why Did My Stars Change Colour?

      The star rating on my dashboard was red when I started posting, I’m 95% sure. Now, though, they’re more a dull gold colour but the stars on my fiction in the regular list is still red. Was there an update (...)

    2. Re: Surpassed 200 page views!

      Congratulations! Onwards and up, up, upwards!

    3. Over 25 total Stars from Ratings+Reviews!

      I have no idea how many stars I actually have, because I can’t see that anywhere, but based on averages and how many ratings and reviews I have, I’m over 25 total stars, woo! I saw somewhere that that (...)

    4. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      Illusions and insults and insinuations! Tunnels and terror and treasure! Looking for tabletop RPG inspired stories? Looking to scratch that d10, d20, or d30 itch? Give Trickster’s Song a try! (Any (...)

    5. Re: Review swap for early chapters

      I’ve just read your first chapter. Happy to do a review swap. I should be able to post my review tonight or tomorrow.

    6. Top Web Fiction Invite?

      Would anyone able to send TopWebFiction invites be willing to send me one? Trying to figure out ways to get my story in front of more eyes! Thanks!

    7. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [YES, I AM STILL OPEN]

      I see in the original pos tin this thread that you mention most reading 4 chapters. Well, Trickster’s Song posted it’s 4th chapter today so if you feel like giving it a read and a review I would be very (...)

    8. Re: Will give review for free

      If you have time I would very much appreciate a review of Trickster’s Song: Fourth chapter just posted today! I’ve been waiting for enough words (...)

    9. Rank Disparity

      Just wondering if there is a reason that the Author Dashboard displays one rank number while the Fiction Dashboard displays another. I only have the one fiction. Does the Author Dashboard track the highest (...)

    10. Re: Paragraph Spacing Question

      That seems to have worked! Thanks! Hopefully that carries through to the post when it goes live.

    11. Paragraph Spacing Question

      I was wondering if there was any way to manually adjust the spacing between paragraphs in a story? For example, when I have quests given by the system, I’d like it to look like this: New Quest: Lorem (...)

    12. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Trickster’s Song - Fantasy, TTRPG inspired, male protagonist, queer male protagonist, queer secondary characters, clever protagonist, trickster, (...)

    13. First Story Posted and First Comment!

      Hiya everyone! I posted (submitted?) my first fiction for approval yesterday and when my brain woke me up far too early this morning I checked and it had been approved! *And* there was a comment! I (...)

    14. Re: Received my first income from writing!

      Congratulations! That’s so great! :D

    15. Re: Story Blurb. Feedback? Thoughts? Suggestions?

      Thank you both for the suggestions and for taking the time to answer! I was going to wait and thank you after I’d had a chance to try a couple new versions, but school has been super full on this week, (...)

    16. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      I don’t think any gender expression is more fun to write than any other. That said, I often write male characters as my MC/protagonist more often because a) it’s the default and it’s a bit easier for me, (...)

    17. Re: Story Blurb. Feedback? Thoughts? Suggestions?

      Here are a couple versions of the blurb I’ve written for the story I’ll be posting in a few days. I’d love to get some thoughts/suggestions/feedback on it! The world is very tabletop RPG inspired, and (...)

    18. Re: Please critique my new story's Title and Synopsis

      One thing I’d mention in terms of considering titles is that ‘shifter’ often has werewolf (or other were-creature) connotations. I get that the device in the book is called quantum shifter, but I think (...)

    19. Re: Reason for writing

      My reasons resonate with a lot of the ones already mentioned. Part of it is definitely that I grew up with a deep love of reading and adore F&SF, and another big part of it for me is that I’m a queer person (...)