1. Re: My first follower!!!

      Congratulations! 🥳 For me to focus I need to figure out the night before what I’m going to write the next day. Otherwise I flail too much and don’t get enough writing done. But I need at least a little (...)

    2. Re: How do You Get Yourself into the Mood for Writing?

      I have to just start. Once I’ve started, 95% of the time I’m just into it. It’s not always flow, but I’m usually just into it.  Getting started, however, isn’t always easy. If I wake up naturally before (...)

    3. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 10/10 | WEEK 11 OF 11

      This snippet comes from Trickster’s Song 1.14 - Unexpected Depths. Our hero, so recently transported to this world, finds himself trapped in a tunnel complex deep beneath a mountain with an adventuring (...)

    4. Re: 🎵 50,000 Words of Song 🎵

      There once was a bard, eric_river, Whose comments in verse did deliver, And every time, Those rhymes they did chime, And set us with delight all a-quiver!

    5. Re: Below #2500!

      Congrats! 🥳 Onwards and upwards!!!

    6. Re: SIX HUNDRED!

      WOAH! Congrats! Those are insane numbers! 😱🥳


      Yaasss! Congratulations! 🥳 💫💫💫

    8. Re: 30k views!!!!

      Congratulations! 🥳 That’s a crazy awesome number! Keep spinning those digits up up up!

    9. Re: Here we are now, One thousand!

      Congratulations! 🥳 (And I love the Title and the Cover!)

    10. Made it past #2500!

      I am 3 days/chapters away from the completion of the first adventure-arc of Trickster’s Song and the story just made it past the #2500 ranking! (I think there is a forum badge for that?) I have been (...)

    11. Re: Table Problems

      Wow. Yeah. I dug out a track pad attachment that I’ve literally never used before and managed to get that to do the trick! Thanks!

    12. Table Problems

      Hi! I might need a coding solution to this, as I don’t think Royal Road’s setup plays nice with touch-tablets. I’m trying to create a table for the character sheet for my story BUT I cannot seem to (...)

    13. Re: Is it a low-traffic week for views or what?

      I’ve actually been tracking day-to-day numbers for my story in a spreadsheet because I don’t have premium analytics and I wanted to see how my first 20 posts did in terms of growth, and there was def a (...)

    14. RR Genre Question

      So one of the amazingly cool and gracious people to offer a review of my story Trickster’s Song has suggested it should have the Comedy Genre label. I’ve definitely written it with bits of humour, but (...)

    15. Re: Author Etiquette Questions!

      Give Max rep. Best way to make people feel regonized. One rep is worse than no rep When does the amount of rep one can give go up? I’ve noticed varying amounts, but haven’t seen anything saying (...)

    16. Re: So, How is it Going For You Lot? 🐕

      This morning went well. I managed to write a chapter. But now I need to try and write another and I’m struggling to recapture my momentum.  I’ve had an agent I queried about my novel (unrelated to the (...)

    17. Re: An Accountant’s Journey of Exploration: 0 to 5000 Views in a Few Months

      Huge congratulations! You’re writing and working your creative muscles and that is an amazing thing! And totally celebrate that 5k win! 🥳🥳🥳 You did the thing! You can do the thing again! Wahey!

    18. Re: Approaching Short Stories

      I’m not a natural short story writer AT ALL but one thing that really helped me get a handle on the whole short story writing process was Mary Robinette Kowal’s Guest Lecture on Brandon Sanderson’s creative (...)

    19. Re: Why Did My Stars Change Colour?

      That explains it! I guess I’m just so used to seeing them as red as a reader that I just assumed they were red in the author dashboard as well, until I noticed the difference today, for no apparent reason! (...)

    20. Why Did My Stars Change Colour?

      The star rating on my dashboard was red when I started posting, I’m 95% sure. Now, though, they’re more a dull gold colour but the stars on my fiction in the regular list is still red. Was there an update (...)