1. Re: If You Could Be In A Story

      I’m going with the sneaky answer of being a Prince in Amber in Roger Zelazny’s Amberverse. Being a member of the ruling house of the multiverse and the ability to just walk between infinite parallel dimensions (...)

    2. Re: Invisible Review?

      I’ve got two of them now. I can see 16 of 18 reviews, and I can see the profiles of the individuals who wrote the reviews, but I literally can’t see any of the reviews themselves, not on my fictions page, (...)

    3. Re: Touch O' Luck reached rising stars

      Congrats! Onwards and upwards! 🥳

    4. Invisible Review?

      I have what appears to be an ‘invisible’ review. I have a notification about it and it’s included in the number of reviews I have but I can’t see it. I can see the user from the notification, but not the (...)

    5. Re: Was RR down for anyone else for part of today?

      Glad it wasn’t just me! I mean, I’m sorry multiple people had problems, but I’m glad it wasn’t just me misinterpreting something! 😅

    6. Was RR down for anyone else for part of today?

      Was RR down for anyone else for part of today? I was getting a ‘site down’ notice for about an hour. Not sure if it was just bad connectivity tho. 

    7. Re: Unconventional Inspirations?

      Class. Usually ones where I’m just a bit bored so my mind tries to take the lecture material and turn it into something fun. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration out of 400-500 year old poetry and plays, for (...)

    8. Re: Welp, This Took Forever

      Congrats!! Forward to victory!

    9. Re: Half-way to max levels.

      Woo! Congrats!!

    10. Re: Got my first o.5 star rating!

      Thank you! Thank ALL of you!! Yay cake and wine!!! Sorry, congrats and welcome to the club! Have a slice of the giant cake and some cheap wine  :DrakanWine: (Also, if you think it could have been (...)

    11. Got my first o.5 star rating!

      Just got my first 0.5 star rating! I knew it was coming and now it’s happened! 😂 I feel like I have truly arrived. 

    12. Re: Red Mist hit Rising Stars

      Yaasss! Congratulations!

    13. What counts as Ratings Manipulation?

      The rules are pretty clear about how reviews manipulation is ratings manipulation, but what else is shady/could be considered ratings manipulation? Like, is promising updates in exchange for Follows considered (...)

    14. Re: NaNoWriMo/Writathon Discussion

      Has there been an announcement post for the writeathon? What are the rules? I know some people have multiple fics, do words across all fics count or only one? How many people do brand new stories versus (...)

    15. Re: Ratings Question

      Aha! Nice! Grouped by level. That gives me a general idea at least. Thank you! The ratings-over-time is also a cool thing to look at!

    16. Re: Ratings Question

      Aha. Yup. That option is locked for me as I do not have Premium. At least I know! Thanks!

    17. Ratings Question

      I know you can’t see who left a rating, but is there any way to see a list of individual ratings? Just had 3 new ratings appear in the last few minutes and it dropped me a chunk in the rankings and I’m (...)

    18. First Arc Complete!

      As of less than an hour ago the final chapter in the first adventure-arc of Trickster’s Song has posted! While the overall story is ongoing, it was really nice to bring a bit of delineation to the first (...)

    19. Re: I finally managed to write in the voice I’ve always wanted

      That’s AMAZING! I know how hard I work to capture a specific tone or style of writing and it is not easily done, so CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🥳

    20. Re: My first follower!!!

      Congratulations! 🥳 For me to focus I need to figure out the night before what I’m going to write the next day. Otherwise I flail too much and don’t get enough writing done. But I need at least a little (...)