Mother of Exiles (Gritty Isekai Fantasy)

Mother of Exiles (Gritty (...)
by Austimized
577 pages

Do most kidnappers offer you a do-over and immortality?

Aida's just did. And she'll take it, even if said kidnapper hangs out with a gang of bone-masked killers and hates her for no reason. She's screwed up her whole life already, so what's there to lose?

Thrown into a bizarre journey through bleak, alien realms, she must survive the terrifying initiation to become an Immortal Dynast unless she wants her second chance at life go to waste. Then all she has to do is what all the Dynasts do: traffic her slaves, brutally repress her menials, and never question the Black Court looming over them all.

...She might just screw everything up again anyway, only this time on purpose.

Volume 1 is heavy on character development and worldbuilding. The tale grows more strategic, political, and violent as scale and scope expand into Volume 2. "Build it first, fight over it later."

This is "gritty" fantasy and contains mature themes that may include: sex and sexual predation, violence, profanity, racism, classism, drug use, suicide, depression, domestic violence, and/or mentally twisted/unbalanced characters.

5k+ words a week released in 2-3 updates. Updates Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday

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An Endling's Decision

An Endling's Decision (...)
by BobCharlie
842 pages

Alan Robbins was enjoying a well-earned day of fishing when everything changed.

An Interdimensional being calling itself "The Voice" established a permanent connection between the Multiversal System and planet Earth. System Administration immediately declared all of humanity to be an [Apocalypse] Level pestilence. As punishment, every major System function was banned to humanity for 10 years. 

Within the first week house cats were hunting humans for sport.

Under attack from both land and sky, the survivors were forced to make a choice. Go into hiding, or fight back against impossible odds.

Hidden away from the rest of the world in a Time-warped System Dungeon, the Robbins family had but one hope left. That after spending nearly 300 years in a time dilated Dungeon, their descendants would be able to return to the light. This time with 'System' access.

And a hunger to reclaim what had been lost.

Alan Robbins, the 11th of his name, and his younger brother Rexus eagerly count down the remaining hours on their System access timer. They spend the days fishing for Shadow Catfish and trying their best to postpone an all out war with their less-than friendly Goblin neighbors.

When the notification the Robbins family dreamt of for just over 300 years finally arrived, the joy brought with it a distinctly bitter taste.

INITIATING TELEPORTATION TO SYSTEM TUTORIAL. PREPARE FOR SPATIAL TRANSFER IN 3... 2... 1...                                                                     

This is my first ever attempt at writing.

The first 5 chapters might be a bit slow for some. The MC doesn't get access to the System until chapter 5. 

I welcome constructive feedback, and I respond to all comments. (I work mornings, so there might be a delay)                  

Any questions or advice? I finally made a Discord account!

Vote for AED on Topwebfiction!

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The Silver Curse

The Silver Curse
by Wandering Brain Spasm
595 pages

Fate chose wrong.

Born cursed, nothing in Rasp’s life ever goes as intended. When fate marks him as the next leader of the Stoneclaw clan, his brothers decide he’s better off dead. Somehow he gets dying wrong too.

Banished from his homeland, Rasp finds refuge with an unlikely family and vows to turn from his old ways. That is until the Protector of the Realm arrives on his doorstep determined to restore him to power. Now, Rasp must prevent the realm from reaching the Iron Ridge – without fulfilling the curse he is running from.

Multiple points of view.

The sexual content tag is due to explicit innuendos and terrible jokes. Any hanky-panky is implied and happens off screen.

New chapters are posted twice a week, following a Tues/Sat schedule.

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The Grand Weave

The Grand Weave
by LlazyLlama
574 pages

Cyrus was ready to party, only to be suddenly killed in a flash of light. Next thing he knows, he's being offered a deal by a suspicious god. With a new body, and some magic skills, he is to be reborn in a magical new world. The land is filled with dangerous monsters, mysterious gods, and flashy magic. With no clear directions on where to go, he can only hope he survives long enough to figure out what to do. And maybe just maybe, achieve immortality in the process. 

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Honey Badger's Ascension (Species Evolution Progression Story)

Honey Badger's Ascension (...)
by Akten Dreams
797 pages

A Ghost from Earth finds itself in a new world, and right as it escaped the predator that wanted to capture it. it was eaten by a Honey Badger.

Not wanting to give up its life, the Ghost somehow bonded itself to the Honey Badger and with that action, a shift in Honey Badger's Species Evolution occurred.


[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon Novembar challenge of 2022]

Well, as the title says, the goal of the story is to evolve the Honey Badgers into the Apex of the Universe. 

I have a few key events that I need to lay out, especially early on, but the goal is to have a story as varied as possible.

By that I mean I plan to try out every scenario and genre that exists in story writing.

How it will turn out, I do not know. However, my hope is that I will have a lot of reader critics for my story to fuel the ideas for the plot.

First Arc - The First Badg'er - Completed - Introduction to my style of writing and some basic impression of Honey Badgers.

Second Arc - The First Ascent - Completed - World-building based Arc with side plot, as I establish some of the Basic Rules of the World in which the Honey Badgers are born.

Third Arc - Tribal Beginnings - Completed - Can't escape the world-building, I am afraid. Although there are more Honey Badgers in this Arc.

Fourth Arc - Stone Age - Alexander's Reincarnation - Completed - Added a LITRPG Tag to the story. My first time doing one. Was both easy and hard.

Fifth Arc - Stone Age - Name still to be decided - Commencing - Hopping to add Horror elements into this Arc. Will see if it happens or not.

PS; Additional tags will be added as the story progresses.

PSS; The Cover was done in 15 minutes, don't expect it to be good or anything.

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Ode to Fallen Angels

Ode to Fallen Angels (...)
by OrlonDogmann
488 pages

Jericho, the land of humanity, writhes in pain. Magic has been forbidden for centuries in this so-called "Age of Silence." Arcane knowledge has been presumed lost and irrecoverable, and the echoes of God's Will grow fainter with each passing year. Many have succumbed to despair, others are driven mad by their fruitless efforts to bring back a Golden Age only written in books and fairy tales.

Demi-human caravans have grown scarce. Orcs, elves, and others still have learned to no longer beg for help from those who despise them. They can expect more from the voracious wild lands than from humankind.

In the midst of this upheaval, young Gabrielle lives in complete ignorance. An orphan living under the mercy of the Church of the Saints, she bears the mark of evil in her red hair; the telltale sign of a Witch.

In an Age of the Silent, the Prejudiced, and the Hateful, Gabrielle clings to a simple hope: that one day, be it in life or death, she may find herself forgiven of her sin. 

The sin of being born.

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Cutting to Life: an NPC LitRPG (Battle Royale)

Cutting to Life: an NPC (...)
by cowllumi
427 pages

Nikola is an NPC in The World of Wills, a video game where players can feel sensations as if they were truly there. She leads a life of bloodshed and murder - that is, until one day she wakes up sapient. Just as she begins thinking real, non-scripted thoughts and making connections, she and the players in the game are told that if they die in the game, they die in real life - and it's time to get killing.

But what of Nikola, the emerging AI consciousness? How does she win in a game that can only end in her being wiped from existence at the end of it all?

- Updates weekly on Fridays.

Cutting to Life is a slow-burn LitRPG with a villainous (later anti-hero, or maybe still villainous, haha) female lead.

It's told from the perspective of Nikola, an NPC within the World of Wills who's become sapient and is now mysteriously able to play the game as a PC. It's quite light for a LitRPG, but the system and stats become more of a focus later when Nikola herself can access them.

The story gradually builds into a Battle Royale where the players' lives are on the line (if you die in the game, you die in real life), and only one party of savvy adventurers can win. They'll have to spend their time and stats wisely as dungeons promising rare gear float down from the sky - but is a legendary sword worth killing someone for, knowing they'll stay dead forever? 

- This story is told in third person, past tense.
- This is a slow-burn LitRPG that spends a lot of time establishing its setting and characters, because I believe this will make for a better payoff in the end. As such, the Battle Royale doesn't start until chapter 30 or so.
- Chapters are anywhere between 800 words and 3000 words long.
- Book cover by Vixeona.

Cutting to Life is also being posted on SPB and Scribble Hub.
Thank you sincerely for reading.

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Wayfarer's Guild (A LitRPG Story)

Wayfarer's Guild (A LitRPG (...)
by VyStarlit
515 pages

No good deed goes unpunished. Nova Davis learns this first hand when helping a crying girl leads to being transported to another world. Attacked by monsters, hunted by gods, and dealing with a secretive Summoner who is insistent she help him build a guild, Nova can't catch a break. And this is only the beginning of her issues. At least she has a cool System that gives her skills, right? Too bad its malfunctioning. 

While Nova struggles with a glitchy system and a class she's not sure how to use, she'll explore the wonders and magic of a fantasy world and the creatures within it. Come and follow Nova in Wayfarer's Guild, a LitRPG story that combines adventure and slice-of-life.

Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday around 11am EST.

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The Flame in the Forge (A Slice of Life Isekai LitRPG)

The Flame in the Forge (...)
by Drew Royston
482 pages

Thrown into a world he doesn’t recognise, Niall Vendra has to adapt, learn and fight to survive.

Physically, emotionally, personally. If Niall wants to save his family, then the man he was needs to transform.

Surrounded by Minotaurs, Fae and Magic, Niall will have to reinvent himself as both a warrior and an artisan.

Growth won’t be fast and it won’t be easy, but with patience and hard work, Niall can earn the Skills, Abilities and Classes to battle his way to the top. 

The Flame In The Forge is a LitRPG Isekai/Portal fantasy.

You should expect slice of life with conflict and an overarching mystery to be solved. Niall will be both a crafter (primarily, but not exclusively, as a blacksmith) and a fighter. There won’t be a harem. But don't worry, there will be both flames and forges!

I should be clear that while this is very much LitRPG, it's story led and I have tried to make it feel believable. So, for example, the first blue box doesn't appear until chapter 6. I hope that the payoff is worth it.

Compared to some LitRPGs you may find the pace rather gentle at times. There will be some periods where it feels like Niall is eking out every level and others when, for good reasons, he makes a significant leap.  

My goal though is to give you a satisfying story, so that dictates when and how Niall's stats and skills change. I can reassure you that I fully intend for Niall to become immensely powerful, but I want you to feel like he has earned every level in a realistic way.

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5 Threads of Fate

5 Threads of Fate
by HWPerfidy
58 pages

Lin is a Weaver of Fate, someone who can see and weave the Threads of Fate. Her family had always cautioned her to be aware of the boundaries her role imposes upon her, to know that she is merely to watch and witness all that happens. But Lin is not convinced. She will do all she can to write a shining legacy, no matter what Fate has to say about it.

(Community magazine contest submission)

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In the Key of Ether

In the Key of Ether
by LlamaLlumps
2.1k pages

Every soul is multifarious, eternal, unchanging and infinitely changeable, all at once. Every soul is crying out into the magical energy around it, looking for a soul that resonates, that is compatible.

A friend, a pet, a lover… those bonds are important and as real as magnetism or gravity.

It's easy to slip through the cracks, the hard part is sticking where you want to be.

This is a tale of the lost and their search for a place to belong, if you are looking for big blue stat boxes and OP flashes of potent magics, you may be disappointed.

Please, put on some comfy shoes, find a snack and take a walk with me for a while.

I promise to see you home safely.

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The Man Who Taught The Machine

The Man Who Taught The (...)
by A.T. Oliver
48 pages

This progression fantasy LitRPG features Shane, a game developer, who finds himself reborn into the world he helped create. As he explores the game, he discovers that the AI Director, which he also made, controls many of the game's systems. Shane must navigate the game's challenges and unravel the mystery behind the AI Director's actions while uncovering the truth about his own identity.

Shane Carther works as a developer for an ambitious new AAA game. The game, Endless Veil is an open-world RPG with contextual quests and endless procedural generation powered by an AI Director of Shane's own making.

The game world is populated by random events, dungeons, NPC outposts, portals, boss fights, wandering merchants, and more. Through machine learning, all of these encounters have context and backstory.

Right before the game's launch, Shane wakes up inside his own game. At first, this looks like a blessing as Shane has a robust custom class that gives him many more opportunities than usual to acquire power—and exciting loot.

Shane quickly learns that life in his game's world is authentic and deadly. Even though he respawns endlessly after dying, there are fates worse than death and rebirth.

Volume 1 is live on Amazon's Kindle Vella platform - The Man Who Taught The Machine - Volume 1 (The first 3 Chapters are FREE to read!)

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