Jon Baxley

Jon Baxley

    1. Re: How to describe a character that is attractive from a first person perspective?

      First.....I suggest you avoid first person narratives as most writing coaches will tell you that first person is the hardest style to use and to maintain consistency. It's just too easy to slip out of (...)

    2. Re: Should humans invest in technology to explore and colonize other planets?

      Well, as it happens I am writing a series based loosely on the answer to your question (Vella link below). Having witnessed two UFO events, I can attest that we are not alone in this vast bubble they call (...)

    3. Re: Someone posted my novel on Kindle

      In theory, Amazon will NOT allow you to post material on any Kindle platform that is available anywhere else - even segments of the work. I'm surprised Amazon did not make the connection with the OP's (...)

    4. Re: Any Epic Fantasy type stuff?

      You might like my series, THE SCYTHIAN STONE SAGA. Book 1, THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY is available here at RR for free. It is true epic fantasy with lots of characters (human and otherwise), historical locales, (...)

    5. THE SCYTHIAN STONE SAGA : A 3 Book Epic Medieval Fantasy Series

      The first 3 ebooks in THE SCYTHIAN STONE SAGA are on sale at Amazon for a mere $.99 thru the holidays. If you're into medieval tales with lots of interesting characters and historical locales, this series (...)

    6. Re: Retention rate for a story

      On a platform like Royal Road (or Wattpad or Tapas) or any of the various serialized reading venues, I think you would be doing well to have a retention rate of 10 to 20 percent. Serialized stories are (...)

    7. Re: Making Fight Scenes Flow Smoother

      Fight scenes are all about the action. The worst mistakes an author can offer with action scenes is to make them prolonged, stilted and confusing. Who's fighting, what are they fighting, what kind of weapons (...)

    8. Re: My highest ranking ever!

      I'm curious...where does that ranking show up? Does getting ranked require some level of views, followers or what? Thanks!

    9. Re: Is there a way to protect your novel from those who upload on amazon?

      I am a traditionally published author and a longtime KDP author (Kindle ebooks). Amazon is very protective of its listings and to even get a listing into the submission process you have to supply highly (...)

    10. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      FIRST..........I am approaching 3000 reads on RR. Thank you readers! Next, I just got word from Amazon that THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY and the next two episodes of THE SCYTHIAN STONE SAGA - THE REGENTS OF RHUM (...)

    11. Re: How viable is writing really as a proffession

      If you're looking for advice about writing being a viable profession, I have to say, "Learn a trade to support yourself. Forget college - a college education is hardly worth the tens of thousands it will (...)

    12. Re: What are the dimensions for the banner signature?

      Here is the header image that I laid out. It works well as an image add-on above the banner sig. Feel free to use its dimensions. I personally like using it as a header and have adapted it to use as an (...)

    13. Re: Post chapter by chapter VS. Post all at once

      When I first ventured onto the Royal Road, I spent a week posting all 52 chapters of THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY - average length around 2500 words per chapter. Initial response was hefty - to the tune of about (...)

    14. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      Below is my new header for THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY, Episode 1 in The Scythian Stone Saga - available now in chapter format at THE ROYAL ROAD (link below). If you're into semi-historical fantasy with lots (...)

    15. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 18/09 | WEEK 8

      This excerpt is from Chapter 8 in THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY (link below). The scene takes place in the dungeon of Blackgloom Keep. Our 2 MC's are "thrust" together in a prison cell, awaiting their fate - or (...)

    16. Re: Weirdest Music You've Ever Written to

      That's an easy one. Much of the second and third books in my series have Viking elements. This YouTube piece had a nice rhythm to it when I was crafting battle scenes. It's called Valhalla Calling. Check (...)

    17. Re: Tell Us About Your Story(Round 2)

      What is the Scythian Stone Saga all about? Read on: In the dark days before the end of the first millennium, Scotland (or Scotia as some called it) was a leaderless hodgepodge of tribes, clans and warring (...)

    18. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 11/09

      This is a medieval bar scene from Chapter 12 of THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY (link below). Your comments are invited. Galashiels was its normal bustling place on market day, full of the usual assortment of (...)

    19. Re: What do you think, Guys??

      I had a major character get killed in a battle scene. I did NOT anticipate that happening but the context of the melee simply had no other outcome that readers would accept. It's hard to believe but that (...)

    20. New Premium Author Asks, "What is a customizable fiction header?" and How Is It Used?

      I decided to help support RR by upgrading to Premium status. One of the options is the ability to install a "customizable fiction header". I have not been able to find any info on this so I thought I would (...)