World Seed

The best story i ever read (well after moonlight sculpture and re monster and well..Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka)

At beginning i was just reading as it seemed fun but as i kept reading it kept getting better and better!


The characters are well defined (except yin OK i get it she is a bird know almost human but still....),

The story has great foreshadowing and new ideas of class and new worlds.........if you forget the fact most of it author came up with after a random poll, a harem which dose not feel ,well there are only two so yea not even a harem(though one gained ability to turn into a monster girl  anytime)

But most of all the MC is great,Not some crazy ass physio or a wimpy wiener but just your everyday normal guy who has a a good heart and lacks common sense a bit(a lot maybe considering has god of madness and wild luck!)

just hope you are able to keep up the good work!


P.s. i hope you introduce some new classes 

Rise of the Lich!

Great story so far...............hope the Mc stays the way he is!

In  most of these stories mc goes justifying his actions turning him into a not so evil guy but the one.........you kept him evil to the core i like it! i hope it stays that way!

The 8th Day

Ok fist of all i haven't reached to ur latest post yet but loved the story so far!

they way u mixed realty and gaming is great!

this story character progress is great (a little too much but it is fine!)and loved MC funny mamas boy talk!

there can be some more things such as beta players(how thats ur job!) will like to read more!