1. Re: Do you speak any "minor" language?

      I should be much better in Low-German than I am. It is hard to learn though because there aren't many resources besides just speaking with older folk that still speak it. It does influence how I speak (...)

    2. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head?

      Both, somehow. Animated and live action. But it does kinda play in a beautiful animated style in my head, mainly because my head is filled with those styles of dragon drawings, which kinda make up the (...)

    3. Re: Reintroducing Characters After A Prologue

      Seeing how a prologue usually takes place a bit outside of the story and the protagonist is probably pretty far away from those events at the start, you can reintroduce them via the differences between (...)

    4. Re: Weird

      I gotta admit that I too skipped ahead in some stories to see if things would be different/the style would get better/ and so on. Don't see much of that in my own work though, they just get less and (...)

    5. Re: How Many Characteristics of Yourself Do You Pass Onto Your Characters?

      While I am sure that I pass down some of my traits to my characters, they are their own people and I am the poor sod that has to record their misadventures. Sylph's sense of humor is very close to (...)

    6. Re: ✂️Sunday Snippet 16/01 | WEEK 25 ✍🏽

      Tanno strutted through the bunched up guards and bent down towards her, beads of sweat on his forehead. “I have a few tricks, too. All it takes is a large bell and a net with metal strands, and that’s (...)

    7. Re: !Trade Offer!: I receive review, you receive review.

      I'd be up for a review swap. For the one work in my signature, which is Fantasy/Adventure not LitRpg.

    8. Re: How do you feel about multiple changes of perspective during a chapter?

      I don't have anything against it unless it is actual head hopping.

    9. Re: Do you prefer to see your character grow and succeed or tormented and suffer?

      *cough* Me missing the l for later by a very large margin apparently. I blame it on work being utterly exhausting today. :DrakanSigh:

    10. Re: Do you prefer to see your character grow and succeed or tormented and suffer?

      While I don't like the MC becoming the bad guy thing, I do love to push them until they just snap. And perhaps do something very satisfying but stupid in the whole process. That and the chapter fater are (...)

    11. Re: Do you prefer to see your character grow and succeed or tormented and suffer?

      Well, if they don't struggle, there is no obstacle for them to overcome. So I am quite happy in seeing them suffer until they succeed.

    12. Re: Let's talk chapter length. . .

      The chapter is as long as it needs to be. I want to complete the scene and not just stop right in the middle just because I hit 2k words. Granted some of mine got  abit long because of that but others (...)

    13. Re: Promote your story with a meme "One mom, two moms, sand mom, blue mom."

    14. Re: The Weirdest Research...

      Wellll, the result was kinda an estimate of three times its own weight. And then I decided to wing it and the scene changed around so that wasn't important. And then I got to the conductivity of pure (...)

    15. Re: The Weirdest Research...

      Trust me it makes sense in context of the chapter :DrakanMelt:

    16. Re: The Weirdest Research...

      I somehow needed to google how much water a woolen carpet can absorb so I can try to murder a character.

    17. Re: Looking for Things to Review

      I am always looking for more feedback. And I think my world might make for a fun topic to analyze.

    18. Re: Free reviews and recommendations

      Then let me add another story for you to review, mine. Gotta admit that I still feel very weird to tell people to please read my story, hurray for imposter syndrome.

    19. Re: Looking for discord servers to promote in

      I reckon promoting in discord servers means "Thewriting ones we are in and use to work and then post it there". Atleast that is what I do.

    20. Re: Sunday Snippet 09/01 | WEEK 24 ✍🏽📖✂️

      Coming right at you with something lighthearted from next week's chapter. It is important to survey your surroundings before you start quoting famous speeches: Sylph planted down her pfod and (...)