1. Re: Hit Rank 2,400

      Awakening: Prodigy has hit rank 2,400. I've had a busy few weeks as my contract came to an end, then hit the burn out wall. I'm hoping that in a week or two I will have recovered enough to dedicate (...)

    2. Re: (Review) Trade Offer

      If you wouldn't mind, would you care to look at my novel 'Epic of a Dragonknight'. It is a portal-fantasy with horror elements. Sincerely, T.K Paradox Sure thing! Sorry about the delay everyone. (...)

    3. Re: (Review) Trade Offer

      Sorry about the delay everyone. I've been quite busy IRL, but I'll resume reading and reviewing shortly.

    4. Broke 2k rankings!

      Woah! Sorry to everyone waiting for me to review their stuff, I'll get back to it, just wanted to celebrate. 

    5. Re: Need reader feedback - writing 4th draft

      Yeah I'm definitely not skilled enough to pull it off myself, removing dialogue tags, but it has forced me to think about how my characters speak. Additionally, by removing dialogue tags, it doesn't mean (...)

    6. Re: Need reader feedback - writing 4th draft

      Admittedly I think your dialogue is better than mine, AV Dalcourt, so I don't know how helpful I'd be as someone giving dialogue advice, but one thing a friend of mine told me is that dialogue is one of (...)

    7. Re: Help for Synopsis/cover critique

      This is a really minor quibble, but I think the font on the cover needs a little bit of margin space.

    8. Re: a question about writing on royalroad

      admittedly, this might sound like a stupid question but i've definitely just gotta ask, since i'd be better off. i'm looking toward publishing on this app and i was wondering about some things, more (...)

    9. Re: I just got downvoted to hell at r/writing for saying you can't make a good novel in a month...

      Okey, that isn't entirely true. Some dude bragged about finishing a 'first draft' (which btw is a term most people don't actually understand) in a month and everybody showered him with praise. Everyone (...)

    10. Re: What book or story inspires your writing the most?

      The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien is probably the single most influential book on me as a writer. It's about American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

    11. Re: If you haven't, you should really check out fknmz's reviews

      So, the user fknmz, for those of you who are unfamiliar, writes really REALLY interesting essays on people's books in their reviews. They are a PhD in Cultural Studies, and a lot of what they say is (...)

    12. Re: Rising Star x 4!

      Huge congrats Alexa!

    13. Re: New Cover Art!

      Thank you for the kind words everyone!

    14. New Cover Art!

      For a while, I had a drawing of a mosquito for my story, and it was okay, but I didn't love it (since I'm not a great artist). However, I'm exceedingly happy about the cover art now. It wasn't cheap getting (...)

    15. Re: (Review) Trade Offer

      Hi Alexa, sure thing! It'll take me a while cause I've been quite busy and need to catch up on a lot of em, but I'll keep you updated when I get to yours if thats okay

    16. Re: (Review) Trade Offer

      Hi Ismail and Blind Serpent, sure thing! Only caveat I'd say is that currently I'm very busy IRL, so I'm very slowly getting through the reviews I have right now, so if you're okay with waiting quite (...)

    17. Re: Inline edit suggestion swap

      My schedule is all the over place, but I think I can manage 5 chapters a week if you'll have me. Sounds good, we can lower it to four if you'd like? I think four can work. It also helps that (...)

    18. Re: Inline edit suggestion swap

      My schedule is all the over place, but I think I can manage 5 chapters a week if you'll have me.