Little Racoon

Little Racoon

Supersum [LitRPG Transmigration Fantasy]

Overall, the story's chapters were a bit too long at times, but the thought and effort the author put into this novel was definitely shown well.

Style: 3 stars. I must admit, the rather strange formatting had me confused sometimes along with the direct "[character] POV" which I believe could've been done better or conveyed through each character's voice (something I'll talk about later). It wasn't bad by any means, but I think the author has some room for improvement on the showing aspect.

Story: 4.5 stars. It was mostly engaging, and although some parts I felt could've been simplified/expanded upon, the general flow was pretty good.

Grammar: 4 stars. There were some grammatical errors, but some were more forgivable due to the author not being a native English speaker. Subjectively speaking, I also felt some paragraphs could be merged together, but that's just a personal nitpick and if the author feels it's a key part of their storytelling, I'd rather they not change it.

Character: 4.5 stars. I personally am not a huge fan of 1st person POV, especially when multiple 1st person POVs exist in separate sections of the same chapter, but as it's a personal taste, I took that out of the equation. With that out of the way, I felt the characters were all very distinct from each other, and despite having some areas I felt could be polished upon, overall they felt like "people" instead of "characters" with varying tones and personalities.

Looking forward to how the story develops!


Plot is nice, style can be improved upon

Overall, the story was quite pleasant to read. Despite being rough around the edges with a seemingly conventional premise, the author spun it with their own strings, weaving a rather creative little tale.

Style - 3.5 stars. I liked how the author used a diary/journaling style to convey the mc's thoughts as well as to keep track of time, but at times, the writing felt a little dry and abrupt, which I believe could be improved upon a lot after some revisions.

Story - 4.5 stars. Despite spanning a time period of a few months, meaning it was quite condensed, the plot flowed very nicely, showing the development of the characters' relationship with each other as well the mc slowly getting out of her shell. One nitpick I have though lay in the ending. Due to it being set a long time after the main story, I lost the emotional connection I had with the characters earlier. Perhaps a shorter epilogue could work better, or conversely, double down and write a lot more for the ending to prevent the kind of disconnect that I felt.

Grammar - 4 stars. There were some typos and grammatical errors here and there, but it wasn't very jarring and only needed some polishing.

Character - 4 stars. The "blueprint" of the characters felt a little simple - Kyra being an edgy teenager, Sai being the energetic, uplifting friend. However, as the story progressed, although Sai remained rather flat, the development of Kyra was certainly a joy to read, something the author made evident through her texting styles.

It was a comfortable read, and although there were some nitpicks here and there, I felt my time was well spent and I hope other readers also felt the same!

The Witch of Langle Field

Overall, I think the story is pretty average, and although the author played around with some tropes, I don't think they decided to experiment and subvert some of them, resulting in a pretty standard story that doesn't have too glaring of issues but also lacking a scene that hits particularly hard.

Style: 3.5 stars. There was a lot of straightforward narration, which does make the story flow rather linearly and not having any confusing parts. However, that also makes it slightly on the bland side.

Story: 2.5 stars. I apologize for being quite harsh for this one. The story as a whole seems to be a collection of separate events, and the 700 year timeskip in my opinion felt a little too... weak? It felt more like a timeskip of, say, a year or two despite the story telling us much has changed in the world and the author's familiar environment.

Grammar: 3.5 stars. There were jumps between present and past tense in the story that felt a little inconsistent at times, even if it didn't detract or derail the story too much. Flow is decent, but I personally think some paragraphs can be merged together and leave the one/two sentence paragraphs hitting harder.

Character: 3 stars. Hisami felt a little bland without many emotions. I feel like the author could've played or dived deeper into the emotional boredom that came with immortality. I did see an effort in a chapter, but with 700 years of doing almost nothing, surely the madness is beginning to set in for a human frame and mind that usually can't comprehend beyond 70?

It's not bad by any means, but the author, as they continue to write the story, can experiment on subverting the tropes to make it stand out amongst the thousands of litrpg isekai stories. I do see an improvement in the writing style as the story goes on, though, so I have good faith that the author will continue to make this isekai a stronger tale.

The Island Tastes Like Chicken (A LitRPG)

I came here for the mc's hatred towards raccoons, I stayed for the humor that brings a smile if not a laugh to my face every time I came back to it.

Style: 5 stars. There's very little I can nitpick about. The irony and sarcasm that comes with the humor creates some kind of dark comedy that I can imagine the mc laughing in pain every time those notifications pop up. Although a LitRPG, the numbers aren't shoved down my throat and are more like a supporting tool to everything that's going on.

Story: 4.5 stars. The worldbuilding isn't dumped all in one, but revealed through the mc's interactions with other characters. The plot is moving on pretty well with its share of action and breaks, and it seems that an exciting development is coming very soon. However, I did find the mc recovering a little too well from dangers, which slightly dampened the "realism".

Grammar: 4.5 stars. There are some typos and grammatical inconsistencies here and there, but didn't break the flow much and isn't very frequent. I suggest doing a quick scan every once in a while to catch those pesky oopsies.

Character: 5 stars. The banter between the current cast is extremely entertaining and fun to read, and I like how the mc also has his more serious moments. Gnome is definitely my favorite, however.

Overall, please don't bully the raccoons :(

Protagonist: The Whims of Gods

To start, I'd like to point out this is the first LitRPG I read, so please treat my words with a grain of salt.

Style: 5 stars. Although the language is simple, that is in fact one of the novel's charms as it brings out the story in a way that pretty much everyone can understand and immerse themselves into. It feels quite light-hearted right now and is definitely easy to digest. However, minor nitpick here, I do think the action scenes got a little confusing at times.

Story: 4 stars. LitRPG isn't really my cup of tea, so I apologize for that. However, despite being a genre that I don't particularly enjoy, the story actually kept me going for quite a bit, and I enjoyed the good pacing in how the main character gradually became stronger.

Grammar: 5 stars. Nothing wrong there.

Character: 4.5 stars. The main character had a clear voice, and through her perspective, the personalities of the other characters could shine as well, although obviously not outshining the main. I would like to point out that there were some parts where humor was used too much, but that was just a matter of personal nitpick and didn't really detach from the character's personality a lot.

Overall a solid read, and I anticipate some great things coming to this novel!

The Future That Never Was — The Rings Will Rise Again!

To sum up my thoughts on the story: I think it speaks a lot when I forgot how many chapters there were in the story and just went to the "end".

Style: 5 stars. The blend between an late 80s/early 90s world style and sci fi was basically seamless. With what little knowledge I have of the time period, it was still really easy to pick out references to the media and the fashion at the time. The world was ridiculous, of course, but that was basically the point, wasn't it? It felt simultaneously absurd and believable at the same time, to the point where I had to shake my head and told myself, "I live on earth. This is 2022. We haven't colonized any planets yet."

Story: 5 stars. True to its episodic nature, the chapters were well organized into different adventures as the two main characters traveled around the system, introducing us readers to the varied worlds (along with, of course, the usual problems of civilization in general). Although there weren't many chapters released here on RR just yet, the story is going in a very nice direction.

Grammar: 5 stars. No jarring errors. Smooth flow (ehe).

Character: 5 stars. It was very easy to distinguish between characters, not just their appearance, but the way they talk and interact with others. Seen from the perspective of Lee, us readers received his commentary on things every once in a while, and the comedy that came with it was quite fun to read. Even minor characters had their own personality, and it really felt like I, as the reader, was interacting with "people" and not just NPCs besides the main characters.

Overall a very enjoyable read that with its style and episodic nature was very easy to pick up on, and certainly deserves, if not even more, of its popularity. Sheeeeesh.

I Want To Get Isekai'd But The World Does Not Want Me To

Overall: the story follows Hinata Tasuke, a young twenty-year old boy who wishes to be isekai'd, except that he doesn't get to, and instead follows a sort of reverse isekai where characters from other worlds enter his world and becomes friends with each other... and they fight a dragon, a commander, and some other things.

Style: 3.5 stars. Descriptions and dialogues are relatively simple, paragraphs being mostly one or two lines. Not exactly my cup of tea as I feel there are more details that can be elaborated, but I did enjoy the many references to other isekai or anime, references which can be expected to be understood from the intended audience.

Story: 3 stars. It was honestly... all over the place. It felt a little clunky at times, the story moving from one scene to the next in astonishing speed. The premise and comedy was quite well articulated, but it sort of becomes directionless after a few chapters, and to be frank, I had to reread chapters a few times just to have a sense of where I'm at. Might have to do with the shorter paragraphs which I touched on earlier.

Grammar: 3.5 stars. I can follow, but again, it felt a little confusing at times. There were some errors in spelling, structure, etc. but it is slowly improving.

Character: 3 stars. They all seem to be a bit flat, sometimes more central, sometimes just like props. I did somewhat like the dynamic between characters, though, as it is through them and the mc that lots of the comedy, quite core to the story, is presented.

A pretty good, unique premise and story, and I look forward to the days ahead when the author improves his skills and brings it to its full potential.

Awakening: Prodigy [Hiatus until March 2023]

Overall: The story is a great read, and although I took a few breaks in between, every time I returned, it was like I was completely drenched, immersed in the story once again. There are some minor errors, but as the quality before and after edits were quite clearly improved, I trust that the author will constantly improve the writing and create an ever-interesting tale for the readers to follow.

Style: 4.5 stars. There were times when narration seemed to go on a little too long, but mostly, it was written with great care and balance between dialogue and description. The flow was natural, with a slow but noticeable buildup (will expand in story section). Although by the later chapters the quality dipped a little, it was by no means a big problem and it didn't break the immersion by one bit.

Story: 5 stars. From the initial catastrophe of the razing of Clearwater, the story immediately hooks the reader in with a bang. Using subtle hints as well as well-woven worldbuilding, the story felt very real, the scenes easily recreated in my mind. There was always some suspense waiting to be uncovered in future chapters, as well as many questions, some of which readers have pointed out nicely in the comments. If this continues, a very rich plot with interweaving arcs will be crafted from the world it is built upon.

Grammar: 3.5 stars. The first half or so had near-perfect grammar, thanks to the extensive edits from the author. However, by the latter half, there were several rather obvious grammatical mistakes. It wasn't enough to break the flow, of course, but it was a little bit annoying.

Character: 4.5 stars. Each character was highly distinct and different from each other, and to be honest, the 0.5 less was due to a personal dislike of one of the characters, William, to the point where I skimmed parts where it was in his perspective, despite also being very clearly and beautifully written. Perhaps the author did too good of a job of introducing him as an unlikable character?

Flight of The Draykes

Flight of the Draykes is a unique story, surrounding a protagonist that has a strong character despite being very young. Although I haven't read too far into the story, the drastic change that the author promised after ch 6 was largely a positive one, and certainly made the story develop for the better.

Style: 3.5 stars. The style, as mentioned before, changed a lot from the first 6 chapters and the chapters onwards. During the first 6 chapters, there was a lot of info dump, which made reading them a slight chore, but once the story gets to chapter 7, paragraph breaks are far more common, with a lot of one/two-line paragraphs. There was also a clear effort to include more interactions, which certainly improved the style. However, I think there can be larger paragraphs with a bit more description in between the shorter paragraphs for at least the illusion of more stuff to read and develop the minds of the characters more.

Story: 4 stars. The plot is rather straightforward, with a lot of worldbuilding early on to serve as a strong foundation. Although it is a lot of info dumping, they are by no means extra, just that the author can describe them in a different way.

Grammar: 3.5 stars. There are some punctuation and grammatical errors, particularly at the end of dialogue sentences, sometimes disrupting the flow of the story. Other than that, though, the grammar is pretty consistent.

Character: 4.5 stars. What particularly stood out was the clear personality of the mc, shown through a 1st-person POV. 1st-person is very hard to write, often sacrificing a lot of narration for inner thoughts. However, all characters have clear personalities, with me as the reader obviously who is who when reading their dialogue. My only nitpick, as did other people here, is the fact that the mc is only six years old. I haven't read too far as to know what the reason for the author to create such a young character with such a mature personality is, but I'm sure the author realizes many of the readers do notice this particularly unique point, and will make a great effort to explain the background of this age as the story progresses.

Space Lord (old)

The premise was good, having Theo rewind time to when he was 12 for a second chance at everything. I had some high hopes for this story, and albeit there were some jarring moments, I felt the story had potential. Then, the pace seemed to drag, with some unnecessary dialogues and descriptions. I understand it contributes to the world building, but it can be done in a more “show” way, if one understands what I mean. If the pace can pick up in future chapters, it can help the story a lot. I don’t know, maybe 5 chapters a week might be too much for the author?