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    1. Re: What's your favorite thing about your story?

      The worldbuilding, I guess. Although I struggle to actually weave it into my story well (at least from my perspective), the years of history, the enmities between cultures and regions, and even an attempt (...)

    2. Re: How Would Your Protagonist Deal With Getting Shot Directly In The Face?

      Depending on the level of plot armor at that very moment, he will either die or get brain damage, as this is based on the assumption that the bullet has successfully hit his face.

    3. Re: I'll read your story and tell you why I stopped

      If you don't mind, I'll throw in my story Unending War. Target audience... I guess people who like character regression and war-related themes? There are some scenes of gore and heavy trauma, but they're (...)

    4. Re: One Chapter, Two Styles: I'll Review Your First Pages

      I think I'll prefer #2 for Unending War, thanks! Link in signature :)

    5. Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

      Jep might be busted for serving cold coffee or stale donuts. About it.  To the guillotine! :peoEsmile:

    6. Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

      Let's see... Protag 1: High treason Murder (1st degree) Manslaughter Fragging if that counts -> related to murder Destruction of property -> pillaging and razing of cities and towns Probably demagoguery (...)

    7. Re: "Improve" your story by changing one letter in the title

      Unending Bar, an infinite tavern where people just gather and get lost after drinking too much... Sounds like the Infinite IKEA for some reason.

    8. Re: What was the Book that made you think "I wanna write too"?

      I'm interested in the community's thoughts on this, was it even a book that inspired you? A Light Novel?  What was the moment you just sat down one day and said "I'm doing this!" Lord of the Rings. (...)

    9. Re: How skilled are you?

      I'm curious, is it possible for you to describe the plot of your story in under 10 words? If you're up to the challenge then let me have it and leave a link to your book so that i can view a couple chapters (...)

    10. Re: Re-write or "edit" and tweak?

      I generally rewrite, particularly on my earliest chapters, but I don't just scrap the whole thing and start from the beginning. Rather, I just publish the rewritten stuff over the original draft while (...)

    11. Re: I'll review anybody's story based off the first 10 chapters

      I'll add my story Unending War on here if you like. I currently rewrote the first 9 chapters and in the process of rewriting the 10th, so please do take your time :)

    12. Re: Promote Your Story via Reverse Psychology

      Unending War: boy grows up in forest, boy meets girl, girl is edgy, nothing much happens. Fast forward four years, boy is in a war that's been going on since his birth, boy meets a bunch of people. Some (...)

    13. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Let There Be Night - fantasy short story, completed A rather short tale of eight adventurers, of an uninhabited island, of an ancient tower, and of a stone. Two poems, eight chapters, fifty pages. A (...)

    14. Re: Tips for bringing in readers?

      Along with what everyone says, I also think after some time you should polish your earlier chapters, as that's where most readers (including review swaps) will cover. My early chapters in my view were (...)

    15. Re: When Imagine a Scene, Is the Imagery flashing through your minds eye....

      Definitely anime style, and I think it helps even more when I draw out my characters to get a feel of what they look like.

    16. Re: You ever get that feeling, "Wow, I'm actually doing this."

      Every once in a while, I'm sure most, if not all of us would just look back at all the words I've done. Before, I'd have considered creating any fictional writing beyond 2k words was too long. Now, as (...)

    17. Re: question to code geass fans

      this is relevant to this site because i am developing the tools mentally to write something and on anime forums you cant expect actualy good answer 1) what is the single line that packs the most "emotion" (...)

    18. Re: Do you guys have any other methods for tracking your writing progress other than word count? 🤔

      How I check my writing progress, huh... If I start cringing at the older chapters, that's when I know I improved.

    19. Re: Theme and motivations of characters - how do you generate character ethos?

      When I wrote my first story, I didn't really think much of that (and it shows pretty obviously), but as I continued writing on, I guess the main areas of focus lay in power, fear, and loyalty/camaraderie? (...)

    20. Re: Hi all!

      Hi all! It's been weeks since i've created this account but this will be the first time I interact with others. As for what I do here, It's what everyone's guesses are and it's to read. What I like (...)