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Little Racoon

    1. Re: What is a character you have created in the past that makes you cringe now?

      When I was pretty little, around elementary age, I created a character based on the Greek goddess Athena, bearing, of course, the same name (what else am I supposed to name her?). She basically was the (...)

    2. Re: NaNoWriMo/Writathon Discussion

      National Novel Writing Month. Always annoying when people just assume you know or should know what an acronym stands for. :peopanic: Starts apologizing profusely A well, starting a day later or earlier (...)

    3. NaNoWriMo/Writathon Discussion

      As nanowrimo is approaching in about half a month, I wonder if anyone here is planning to participate in it? I've also heard that RR has a similar event, a writathon, but will that coincide with nanowrimo (...)

    4. Re: What is better a Hard or Soft Magic system?

      I think it depends whether the magic is a core, integral part of the story or an enhancing device. If the entire story is about, say, "mc learns how to use magic", maybe a hard magic system can work better, (...)

    5. Re: The future of your work.

      The future of my work... I don't know, really. Maybe something big will happen? Maybe I decide to kill off a character? Maybe I introduce/re-introduce a character? Maybe the plot takes a turn? So long (...)

    6. Re: Review Swaps for Low-Follow Fics!

      I'll add my name onto the list (oh boy am I looking forward to it).

    7. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 10/10 | WEEK 11 OF 11

      Another week of snippets! This time it'll be from chapter 62, "For the Greater Good", the most recently posted chapter. It's an attempt at being philosophical (while being in the middle of battle, no less), (...)

    8. Re: Let's travel!

      Hey! I'd suggest you guys change the format a bit, the forrums aren't big enough for this game, it'll takes months for a guy/gal in a neighbouring country to comment instead it can be like East vs West-if (...)

    9. Re: Percentage wise, I'm doing pretty well

      The growth is quite insane, wow! And cheers to your current and future success! :DrakanWine:

    10. Re: Let's travel!

      Now up to Mongolia!

    11. Re: I Have YouTube Channel That Does Web Novel Reviews, Is Any Interested

      If you don't mind, I'll add mine, Unending War, to the list as well. The beginning is not nearly as interesting (and well-written) as the later chapters, but I would like it if you gave it a read!

    12. Re: What makes your story stand out?

      For mine, I guess it's negative character progression and the lore? I don't know how well I executed these ideas, but I really enjoyed how I wrote (and broke) almost all my characters, their state of mind (...)

    13. Re: Thirsty for more swaps

      I'm interested for a review swap! Will read at least 15 chapters, but I'll try going to 20 or more.

    14. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 03/10 | WEEK TEN

      Snippet time! This week, the story picks up pace, with the Battle of Thille finally beginning not with a massive confrontation between thousands, but the lone charge of a certain character, obsessed without (...)

    15. Re: Underrated Genres/Genre-Mashups?

      Lovecraftian + slice of life + comedy This is not something I expected to encounter after a nice, relaxing lunch.

    16. Re: Your story's theme song.

      After a lot of time and deliberation, I finally thought of a good one as theme song for my story: Vogel im Kafig by Hiroyuki Sawano. An AoT OST soundtrack, both the lyrics and music are so beautiful and (...)

    17. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      Synopsis: War. For twelve years now, there is war in the world of Parvilien. A war ignited by an Empire collapsing, the lands becoming divided between powerful factions. History, culture, technology (...)

    18. Full Story Review Swap (Conditional)

      Pre-note: I have a feeling this will not end well for me... Anyway, as the title suggests, I am here for a full story review swap, meaning that I will read the entirety of your story (or its most recent (...)

    19. Re: Will give review for free

      If it's fine with you, I would like you to check out mine: Unending War. I plan to eventually take a short hiatus and work on the early chapters a little more as the writing style's less refined, but I'm (...)

    20. Re: Favorite Writing Snacks?

      I usually don't have snacks nearby when I'm writing, but when I do, it's usually a cup of cold milk or a bag of sichuan mala peanuts (then again, they're not that spicy...) to keep me awake. Recently, (...)