1. Re: What is your take on Deicide as a story telling tool?

      I have a real soft spot for the 'killing god' trope. It functions as a really broad representation of taking control of your own fate, or denouncing hierarchy. Final fantasy is basically entirely made (...)

    2. Re: 50000 words

      Woo, novel length. congrats!

    3. Country specific lingo

      I was writing a scene where my character was lying in bed and I had him pulling the doona up to his chin. Half a second of googling later, I realised that 'doona' is Australian for duvet, and probably (...)

    4. Re: I know this is a weird place to ask it but I have no other choice.

      'Lodged' would work. Like: "the blade was lodged in his stomach." 

    5. Re: Giving Out Free Reviews to Avoid My Problems (Terms and Conditions Apply)

      It would be swell if you checked out mine. thanks.

    6. Re: That one word you swear should be spelled differently.

      i used to get quite angry at how random spelling is then i looked at etymologies, and oh gee whiz every word as such an interesting history centuries of human culture in each word we see full disclosure, (...)

    7. Re: Best ways to describe silences and pauses between dialog/character actions?

      I would usually go for: 'there was a beat of silence' or something to that effect. Someone else said to add a mental digression which works really well too. I would never use "..." in spoken dialogue. (...)

    8. Re: Tell your outlines into a rough draft, Show your rewrites into a real draft

      I guess that this is similiar to the advice: The first draft is telling your story to yourself, the final draft is telling the story to an audience.

    9. Re: Need Help in writing Filler Chapters

      The key in my mind is to not write 'filler'. You always want to be achieving something with every chapter - if not every paragraph. If you want to write filler, it really means to let the plot take (...)

    10. Re: Giving out free (almost) reviews.

      Sounds pretty fab. Have my points

    11. Re: Third Person, Present Tense?

      Always keep in mind that there are countless examples of all tense/persepective variations in well respected literature and best selling books. 'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantel is in present tense, third person (...)

    12. Re: First Chapter Swap

      Yeah, that sounds fun. Story in the sig.

    13. Re: Words and Phrases that authors should avoid.

      One thing to point out is that a lot of the phrases that you tagged as having 'extraneous words' e.g. 'added bonus', 'plan ahead', are commonly used phrases in english that may sound stilited if you drop (...)

    14. Re: A New Kind of “Swap”

      Sounds like fun. Could you read 'chapter 19' of my book and give me your thoughts?

    15. Re: Which chapter break thing is best?

      I like two and three. Two looks pixelated while three looks a bit like it's on a CRT TV. So 2 for a modern story and 3 for a 80's/90's story. It's a cool design either way.

    16. Re: How do you write a character's thoughts?

      It's a stylistic choice and either works. I would prefer italics in this case because it clearly delineates thought from speech, but it's up to you. A professional editor would just change it to whatever (...)

    17. Re: My motivation is dying

      You mentioned valuing small victories and I think that's the most important part. By aiming for profitability or extreme success you're setting yourself up to fail. Writing and constructing a story have (...)

    18. Re: Decoy Protagonist

      You could shift the decoy protagonist into a villain role or something half way through the story instead of killing them. That way they still get to be part of the story, and readers who liked them can (...)

    19. Re: Giving Out Reviews/Feedback (Terms and Conditions May Apply)

      Would love you to check out my story. Thanks a bunch.