MrNobodyisHome (E. Anderson)

MrNobodyisHome (E. Anderson)

Awakening: Prodigy [Hiatus until March 2023]

First time reading grimdark fantasy... I think ever. 



The author has an exquisite, dreamy, poetic-like prose that reminds me of Lauren Oliver's writing. It's quite wondrous.

Definitely the strongest (and even enviable) asset the author possesses. 

But at times it goes on a little longer than necessary. This is noticeable in their descriptions, too. Beautiful to read for sure, but it's like finsihing a filling, delicious meal and then figuring out there's an incoming 2nd round. Food's still divine, of course although, your stomach requests a breather.



Put that bottle of bleach for your eyes away, aside from some ignorable hiccups it's all damn perfect.



The characters I've met so far have enough characterization and potential arcs set up for their growth to keep me invested, and most importantly tell the difference from one another (Trust me, this is a struggle I find on this site).



I have nothing but respect for those who attempt to construct worlds out of nothing. I appreciate the strenous effort that goes into worldbuilding and it is palpable in this story. The author has enthusiasm to detail this massive, grim world.

I know a lot of readers on this site like to have their adrenaline spike immediately, but I ask of anyone reading to be patient and appreciate the snippets of information the author sprinkles (and at times "dumps" but it's fascinating, all the same).

Now, for the others that enjoy worldbuilding this is your cup of tea. Keep on going and you'll get your frothable entertainment for sure.

The Future That Never Was — The Rings Will Rise Again!

Personally, it’s the best story I’ve read on this site and I have a feeling it is going to take a strenuous effort to find something to substitute it as my favorite RR fiction.



Shoooooot, man. This story has nothing but style. It greets you with a gif of a shirtless David Hasselhoff in pursuit and is overfilled with beautiful 70/80’s references that gives life to this bloody and wacky cosmic world. My personal gripe with many stories on this site is that they seem to lack “character” as in they seem to only want to tick off certain boxes they know will get clicks which makes it feel like a clump of random popular tropes as if it were written by an AI who mastered the algorithm where the heart of the story feels lost (Nothing wrong with using inspiration, but it's another thing when your story feels soulless with how you implement the inspiration).

That’s not the case with TFTNW. It was written with love, and you can tell the writers had a lot of fun making it. The dialogue is fantastic, the prose is snappy, and all told through a cat's First-Person POV in an superbly paced episodic format that makes it hard to walk away from.



As damn purrfect as Lee’s fur coat.



Finally! A cast of characters that aren’t bland! Look, I understand the need for the stoic type and seriousness, but damn, it is absence of characterization that turns me off most of the time. Lee is an eloquent talking cat partnered with his sapiens who is a stunning, slovenly, sharpshooter and the two travel the universe as bounty hunters. 
The characters are so fun to follow through and the people who pop up during episodes are interesting enough to beg the author(s) to explore more about them!



Nothing about the story is completely original. But that’s not important. People like to complain about clichés and not being original. How many “original” stories have you seen/read that are just confusing crap? This story is a love letter to sci-fi stories that has blessed humanity through the years.
It takes from various genres and existing sci-fi tales making for amusing easter eggs if you know where to look. It has a strange nostalgic feeling of both things you've seen in your childhood and things you shouldn't have been watching during your childhood hahahah. It's an extremely well-made story.






The Mook Maker

The Quintessential Furry Isekai

I am not a fan of this genre, and it is definitely catering to a specific audience, which isn’t distasteful in any sense, just an observation.

So, style

I really dig this author’s writing style and believe it to be this story’s strongest asset. Scenes that should’ve been a slog to get through are actually entertaining to read due to well-put-together sentence structures and good use of words and descriptors that paint the picture of the world and its characters. But I must dock points because of the weird formatting regarding line spacing. It’s distracting, especially when there seem to be two different styles of paragraph spacing in the same chapter. Also, a scene change in a chapter I read perplexed me and had me rereading the bit a couple of times to understand what happened.

Grammar looks all dandy to me. The author’s editing skills are unparalleled. I caught one minuscule error, and that’s about it.

I feel as though the characters are the weakest portion of this story, but then again, not being a zealot for the genre, there’s probably something going over my head. I suspect the MC is supposed to be bland because that’s the case with RPG/JRPGs. It’s supposed to be a self-insert, right?
The monsters the MC is blighted with are fascinating conceptually but as characters? I just don’t feel that much towards them.


It’s like playing through Dark Souls and trying to piece the story together on your own. I appreciate it, but the vagueness of the fiction’s direction does bother me a bit. It is going somewhere, but the path there is pretty foggy, and nobody is offering any goggles.
The intense, bloody action is a suitable means to have readers willing to read on to understand what is going on and where the MC is going.

Verdict is a gamelit/isekai literature that achieves everything it sets out to do. Even though I am not too familiar with the genre nor much a fan of it, I believe it is doing all its beloved tropes justice, and if you like these kinds of stories, I don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a read. 


Fire Touched

Can we take the time to appreciate the dope as hell cover art? It is immaculate, ooh baby.



Perfect score. Yeah. It feels like a professionally edited book. Something you’d find in your local library. The chapters are considerably long, but thanks to the author’s nearly flawless way of making sentences flow it is a delight to read through.



Paradoxically to what I said, there are tiny grammar mistakes here, but really they are all neglectable.



I want to give the story itself a 5 and I believe that if/when I read it further I will feel that should be the final score. The only reason I haven’t given it a 5 is because it is simply too early, but it is scorchingly entertaining and fast-paced!

Our main character is the “Chosen One”, wait, stop rolling your eyes, hear me out. It’s interesting, okay? Some followers want her to claim her Godhood and fulfill her destiny… she isn’t interested, though. RIP.

Seriously, I consider this one above the average on this site (and boy have I read my fair share of average and below average on this site).



The two mains are great. I like Sarah because I have a bias for naivety and to balance out her bumbling innocence is quick-witted, more stern John. The others are cool, too, and I wonder what more kind of characters we’ll meet.


So, who is this story for? Hm. Just about anyone to be honest. Have a read!

The antique shop of the devil

Make sure you’ve got enough Remis and balls of steel to shop in here



The formatting gets distractingly weird at times and the prose is weak, average at best, but luckily it is saved by good dialogue. More emphasis on physical descriptions and detailing the world surrounding our character would be an added value to this story.



Looks good. The author explains they are not a native English speaker, but the mistakes aren’t immersion-breaking. All the sentences are easy to understand the problem are some missing full stops and question marks here and there, plus problems with quotation marks.



Victor, our main, is a cool character. Kinda has that jaded, IGAF attitude I gravitate towards. Can’t say much for the rest of the cast though at this moment of writing.



The story not having a clear direction on where it is going may be seem like a problem but then you realize the “slice of life” tag and everything makes sense. I have to give it to the author on making a unique “isekai” tale with what has to be one of the most entertaining ways I’ve seen someone being transported to another dimension.

It is frustrating trying to understand what kind of world we are in with such barebone details about it so far (but it is way too early to say such things).

The core of the story is a laid-back, black comedy you can say, where we see Victor deal with all kinds of customers while building towards something bigger, which is a vibe I totally dig.


This is a certified good time.

Star Passenger

Ignore the stupid title this is a story that deserves some attention.




The prose is weakened with all the science jargon that I find interesting but in an objective sense it could be done better. Admittedly, it is hard to tell what is factual and what is made up by the author which is a commendable skill for a fiction writer. The blocky texts may feel like a hassle to get through, but everything else is sharp and gets to the point.




All rainbows and sunshine here. You may put the bleach for your eyes away.




It’s fun to see a main character passionate about something. Nick is a fellow smitten with all concepts about astronomy and is just as likeable as his other cast members: bubbly Rasha, and his genius sister, Sae.

Note that I actually remember the names of these characters (and I didn’t even have to go back and check). I don’t know why but from the fictions I read on this site many authors seem to not put in an effort to characterize their core characters, not even a little. From what I’ve read of this fiction so far, they all have distinct personalities and are equally amusing to follow.




So, check it. Main guy receives a signal from outer space and may or may not be communicating with extraterrestrial life.

It is surprisingly more exciting than I expected. With the mains being passionate about all things space, really gives the whole fiction a real sense of adventure and wonder that seems like a lost concept these days. Sure, seeing a normal person inadvertently being thrown into chaos is compelling, but I argue experiencing characters go after the unknown (and having unexpected consequences) makes for a livelier story.


The author laments about the slow pacing throughout chapters and traditionally it is “slow” but there is a difference between “boring slow” and “enthralling slow”. This is the latter.

So yeah, no explosions, no punches, no scantily scenes in the opening chapters, and if you know what you like I guess you should stir away if that’s not your jam, but I urge those looking for something new to give this a chance.


It’s actually pretty good.



The Patient Man's Dark Fantasy.

Keep your eyes on this one. Your patience will be rewarded.



The author’s writing is nothing too special when it comes to wordplay and such, but the pacing of the chapters and their length must be praised. You don’t even notice that you’ve reached the end of the chapter when reading.

There’s no redundancy nor descriptive sentence that go on forever. All lucid ideas easy to follow that make for a comfortable, headache-free read.




The people who gave the grammar less than 5 stars (or even 4 stars) are freakin’ crazy. S’all good here.




I like the main character. His past seems interesting, and I am sure anyone will be curious to learn more from as early as chapter 1. The rest of the cast I haven’t got a chance to know, yet, but they seem promising. Sorry for the vagueness. Just haven’t read much yet.




It’s a rich world with all the meaty background stuff going on for you world-building aficionados. It’s a cool world! The author knows what he is doing, placing his chess pieces carefully in position ready to strike and catch you off guard when you least expect.

This is a progression story, so yeah, the MC starts off underwhelming when it comes to physical/magical power, but he is fascinating enough to follow through his brutal story.

At times, it feels a bit bland for me (like it is just trying to fill in quotas), but in overall, a fun time.


If you’re patient and like what’s the norm for this site then I don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a go.

A Scientific ReQuest

An isekai/gamelit review from a hater

Yes, I am a hater of the genre, and I wear that badge with pride, thank you very much. Don't judge me for who I am. 

Okay, on with the review.


I have to give it a perfect score here. Yeah, the writing style of this author is amusing for me. I am big fan of how witty it is and it not taking anything too seriously. None of the paragraphs drag on and they are digestible. There is no inane fluff. It gets to the point (unlike this review) and uses descriptions when it needs to and the same with the MC’s introspection enhancing the storytelling.


Editor level of grammar perfection (whatever that means).


They are all fantastic! The MC’s caustic demeanor instantly resonated with me making quite a hilarious person to follow in a world that satisfies millions of nerds dreams across our world. But it is just not the MC, the cast are very entertaining! I have had issues with this author’s cast of characters before and I see an improvement here, even though it is more of a laid-back story. I can see hints of depth to them which I greatly appreciate.


You remember when you were a kid and your parents forced you to go to a party you REALLY didn’t care about? Yeah, that’s Jess in this story. For the more hardcore fantasy readers they may expect much more from the fantasy setting but I believe more details about the world will be added that being said, the pacing is excellent and the compact chapters with smart cliff-hangers is a well calculated choice by the author. Chapters go by quickly, making you hungry for more.

Personally, I adore this story not just because it is a fresh take on the genre, but it is just a fun read in general. I have high hopes for what's to come and if it sticks the landing I may increase it to a 5-star rating.


The Last Job

He is getting too old for this sh*t

First off, I am biased. I love detective stories, and as much as I am not a fan of rewarding stories for being “original” because complaining about cliche is becoming a cliche in itself.

That being said, a detective story in fantasy is something I know must’ve been done before, but I haven’t read or seen it anywhere before, so I find it all incredibly enchanting.

Style is up first.

I believe this is the weakest aspect of the fiction. The sentence structures are competently woven together but with not so much of an impressive flair to them. Not much use of stylistic devices used here that I think if used could solidify this promising writer’s identity. Some opportunities for descriptions are omitted, irking me a bit, but it gets better.

I am late to the party, so I believe the author has taken time to polish things, therefore, grammar looks acceptable to me—no need to grab your bleach bottle to throw into your eyes.

Terrence Wicht is a fantastic lead to follow. He is an old bounty hunter well fixed in the morally grey area. Other characters introduced are actually surprisingly interesting. It’s hard to elaborate or even give a score I believe in on this, but I will base it entirely on feeling. I like them, and I hope they get developed more that is all I have to say.

Finally, the story.
Something’s going on with the shipment of magic potions. Agents recruit a bounty hunter that time forgot. It’s sleuthin’ time, baby!
The worst part about the story is that there is a frustratingly low supply of it. But no shade towards the author! Life happens! I genuinely hope that readers on this site give more stories like this a chance. Yes, it is a slow-burner and requires delicate attention, but in doing so, you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic world coated in black-noir paint. 

It has the potential to be my favorite story on this site.

Comfort Blanket

Yeah... You SHOULD Be Afraid of the Dark

Sometimes, you came across a story that clearly has an exciting premise and a massive world to explore, but you may find yourself suffering from disorientation as they shove so many details into your brain. Like your friend trying to help you absorb a semester’s worth of material for that final you procrastinated studying for several weeks.

“Subtlety” is a keyword that authors should abide by. And this author didn’t miss that memo. Good for them. No need for obvious foreshadowing or obnoxious hinting at something far bigger coming in the future. 

Incongruous to the short spiel I started this review with—no—this isn’t an epic fantasy story, and I am not critiquing it as such. This is a slow-burning, character-focused story with an eerie, palpable presence looming over the events that’ll keep you questioning what is going on as you read.

This story knows exactly what it is and it owns it. I live for mystery. What can I say? I like being confused.

Impressively, the author maintained the word count of each chapter in a way where they end abruptly (but gracefully) and leave you curious to see what happens next.

The fear factor manifests in the form of rising tension that may leave you clenching a muscle or two. It keeps me very intrigued!

Let’s start with style. At times it has some fun wordplay and doesn’t always take itself too seriously, which is something I greatly appreciate giving it personality—making way to the formation of its own identity. Although, some phrases used in the narration may be cliched, but nothing worth docking off points for.

Characters are difficult to make a comment on. I do enjoy the protagonist and seeing her struggles and the moldering of her mental state from an early age is great character building to me. It is easy to connect with the character. The rest of the cast, however, seems a bit underwhelming for now, but I do think saying that is unfair because it is fully possible, I haven’t read enough to see enough of them (As of now I am on chapter 10), so take this with a large plate of salt.

Grammar looks good to me, professional even. A typo or missing word that you’ll see rarely and shrug as they aren’t really significant. Nothing that grinds you to a halt.

TL;DR, if you are looking for something different and easy to digest. Grab your comfort blanket and have a read. Your curiosity will do the rest from there. You’ll be surprised by how it goes from “simple” to… well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.