MrNobodyisHome (E. Anderson)

MrNobodyisHome (E. Anderson)

    1. Re: What is your process for making your book titles?

      Looking up synonyms for words on google.  That's about it lol.

    2. Re: Playlists for your characters

      Music comes up in the forum every so often, so I thought the time was ripe for a new one.  I often hear about people making playlists for their OCs - some of my friends for our tabletop games make (...)

    3. Re: Copy and pasting from google docs

      There is a button for that. Enable clean paste. You can find it by scrolling down I've got that switched on and it's still not working :/ It is even correct in the chapter content box, but (...)

    4. Re: How do you all feel about stories where any character can die?

      I'm personally not a fan of stories with random deaths. I'd like for each death to actually mean something and when any character can just die it loses impact for me (My first gripes with AoT was because (...)

    5. Re: The [Royal Road Community Magazine]

      Question about the 2nd clause. How would you be able to tell if the fiction was actually written within the contest or not? One of the main reasons for a prompt. If you can guess it beforehand, i (...)

    6. Re: The [Royal Road Community Magazine]

      Right after Writathon?  January is most of a month away. There'll be time to de-stress from writeathon before this starts. This. Waiting any longer than that could cause complications with (...)

    7. Re: Hit 25 followers

      I hit 25 followers on my first story and also finished the last requirements for the writathon. What milestones have you hit? not losing my mind during the Writathon. Congrats!

    8. Re: The [Royal Road Community Magazine]

      Right after Writathon?  Dr. Buller this has to be registered as some new kind of sadism.

    9. Who would play your characters in a live-action adaptation?

      Netflix agents show up your door and they want to adapt your story. You have an infinite budget and can hire literally anybody to play your characters. So, what does your cast look like?

    10. Re: *john mulaney voice* i'm new in town

      Hi, I'm just here cuz I read John Mulaney's name (I love that guy). Welcome!

    11. Re: ratings - Which is better?

      So I started to get more ratings on my story, which is yay! Feedback, sorta, in the form of stars. But I was wondering - is it better to get low count of high ratings or high count of low ratings.  (...)

    12. Re: Chapter polls--does anyone use them? Do they increase engagement? Any advice?

      Shoooot. I was about to ask the same. I mean, I use them, but can never get anybody to answer them :(

    13. Re: Want a free (semi)promotion for your story?!

      So, I’m putting together a “library” in my Button story. I need titles and synopsises… synopsisi? synopsissss… story blurbs to go in there. A lot of them. As many as possible. There is no upper (...)

    14. Re: How would your character talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

      A gun   Now, Dr. Buller, do you mean they'll say "gun" or use one? (I like the first better).

    15. Re: How would your character talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

      Great question! I think Lahab would just. Not stop for a cop in that scenario, to be honest, because if she's speeding, it's probably for good reason. But maybe she'll surprise me, who knows? :peogiggle: (...)

    16. Re: Wattpad Survivor Looking for a New Home

      Hi folks! I wrote my first novel during lockdown. Since it's a Harry Potter sequel, it technically counts as fanfic, but it's pretty much all original plot and characters, which I've come to understand (...)

    17. How would your character talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

      So, pick any character from your fiction and respond accordingly as them lol. What do you say to the fuming police officer? (Male or female)

    18. What can I do to get the most from my fiction posting the final chapters.

      Hello, there. So, my fiction 'Providence' is on hiatus and I plan to continue posting once Writathon is over. While I am still in the never-ending debate in my brain on whether I should post chapters (...)

    19. Re: 100,000 words, 350 pages, and 30 chapters

      This has been some of the most interesting moments of my life. I didn't think I'd ever get to this moment, yet here I am. 100,000 words is something that I look at and think, "I'm never going to be able (...)

    20. 1000 views and 9 followers!

      Welp, it's been an arduous 2 months, and I am close to double-digits, baby! 'Providence' has hit 1000 views and 9 followers! 12 Chapters left before its conclusion; let's see how much I can rank up (...)