MrNobodyisHome (E. Anderson)

MrNobodyisHome (E. Anderson)

Fire Touched

Fire Touched
by DeclanBoon
453 pages

Sarah Wycombe, the first human to be chosen by the god of fire as his champion in the mortal realm in living memory, wants nothing to do with her divine destiny. However, as sinister forces attempt to elevate a minor deity to the Pantheon of the Gods, and in doing so bring death and suffering to millions in the magical world of Sera Thun, she finds herself having to make a choice; to continue adventuring with the love of her life, or to risk everything she holds dear by submitting to her destiny and fighting for the realm.

New Chapters on Monday to Friday

Fire Touched is a slow burning traditional fantasy novel.

Book One is now complete! I will be releasing chapters of Book Two, Water Speaker, Under this fiction.

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Star Passenger

Star Passenger
by IsaacKDahl (Peregrinate)
259 pages

Nick is an ordinary youth with a passion for astronomy, who has dreamt of the stars his entire life as he works a customer service job. One day he picks up a signal from the stars that turns his life upside down - little does he know at the time that the fate of Humanity depends on how he deals with the discovery!

Goose, who is not at all happy to be named Goose, has travelled across the Galaxy as a data signal only to be woken to life inside a virtual machine. Together with Nick's sister Sae and their friend Rashi, Nick and Goose set out to explore the mysteries of the Universe and to find out what has happened to Goose's people.

However; before they can succeed on their quest, they must outsmart a relentless detective backed by a sinister government that are doing everything they can to stop them. Caught between forces as ancient as the Universe, Nick and his friends uncover secrets that will shake the foundations of the very fabric of time and reality.

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The Future That Never Was — The Rings Will Rise Again!

The Future That Never (...)
by Space Pickle
838 pages


The Future That Never Was features an alternate space age where the Soviets colonized the belt before David Bowie sang Life on Mars; where rogue AIs took over the web; where pizza came in cans. Humankind couldn’t dream of a more exciting future. Yet, as foolishness eventually turned Earth into a nuclear wasteland, shadows began to conspire from the heart of the Moon to beyond the mysterious Planet Nine…

This book series is an extended universe which includes numerous R-rated titles. All of them will be uploaded on Royal Road for free. Check the Index or the list below for the main stories.

🐈  KITTY KITTY - Completed - READ

Join sassy space cat Lee and his Desert Eagle-toting, soda-swigging human partner, Ali, in a future stuck in the late 80s/early 90s. Board the dynamic duo’s ship, the mythical Kitty, as they bounty-hunt their way through a dystopian solar system—so lock and load, and shout Cowabunga! because it’s crime-fightin’ time! 


Amid the chaos of the Rings Civil War, a disgraced pilot finds himself tangled in a vast vendetta involving a megacorporation, android mercenaries and data-cartels. From Saturn’s Plastic Fields to the fringes of Kuiper, his violent redemption is an 80s-esthetic space western filled with tears, blood and... ducks?

Other stories related to the first arc of The Future That Never Was:

RADIO FREAK - Standalone biopunk short story featuring Ali Koviràn, the Data Maiden and Bill Murray

STELLAR PATRIOTS - Short special with Braun Kamirov, linking KITTY KITTY and the book series



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