1. Re: Comprehensive Coding Guide for the Updated Website (HTML)

      I'm sorry if it's inappropriate but.. it feels like some links to actual html resources are badly needed, so please see: w3schools In short there seems to be some gross misunderstandings about some (...)

    2. RE: Comprehensive Coding Guide for the Updated Website (HTML)

      I tried using your examples, but the results do not look right. The "Cell width" example gives me a table where the second row looks like 33% and 66% instead of half/half The "Declaring cell spacing" (...)

    3. RE: Character Illustrations and Hopefully More(Commission of 100$ up to 500$)

      If you don't find anyone here, one of my favourite artists has an art style that really synergises with your cover art: (...)

    4. RE: I am so tired of harems

      A parody's already been done, and its pretty good: It centers around giving the girls their dreams back, and inadvertently (sometimes (...)

    5. RE: Comprehensive Coding Guide for the Updated Website (HTML)

      Is there a quick way to get a section to be single spaced? I've tried evey Unicode character I can think of for new line/break/carriage return/etc, and when they are pasted into RRL they are all interpreted (...)

    6. RE: What would you do if you were God?

      Make myself not God. There's no joy in being omnipotent, only work.

    7. RE: Why Is Every Single Story In The Best Of Section Of Wattpad Awful?

      Mostly the problem lies on the fact that Wattpad is focused on making money, so their system is based around making the popular stories and authors stay popular (you'll notice there isn't any support (...)

    8. RE: Comprehensive Coding Guide for the Updated Website (HTML)

      Hello... my source code is not working. Please help! Hey! Can you elaborate? What isn't working with the source code? Also post the source code so I can have a look through it.

    9. RE: How people feel about torture/rape in a story?

      The difference between torture and rape is the psychological impact rather then the the damage of the act. It is a hard thing to explain, and I'm very ignorant comapred to actual experts, so take this (...)

    10. RE: why do stories fall apart towards the end?

      I really think it comes down to one word I remember someone else posting about on RRL that I had never really thought of before: vision. Too often authors, including myself, become enamored by what is (...)

    11. RE: Why not a social healer MC?

      well, to speak frankly, tell your professional writing friends to shut their trap. Everyone has the skill to write, you simply haven't exercised the skill before. I urge you to give it a go. You'll find (...)

    12. RE: Aleron Kong is trying to trademark the term LitRPG

      He can call himself whatever he wants, though he actually calls himself the father of American LitRPG. His problem starts and ends with his greed. I mean, he was trying to trademark LitRPG clothing? How (...)

    13. Two necromancer recommendations - anyone have other recommendations for this genre?

      Hey guys, these two Necromancer stories from WuxiaWorld is really great: The first focuses on a powerful (...)

    14. RE: Comprehensive Coding Guide for the Updated Website (HTML)

      I should put the coolspan or strong first? coslpan and strong have two different intentions. But to put it simply, colspan is always first. However, that would also be an incorrect statement. Let (...)

    15. RE: For the guy who posted about how to write world-building

      That was me. I pulled out the thread because I decided to removes many of those details from the chapter. For example, now I gloss over how the neural interface and TIN feel and work the first time (...)

    16. For the guy who posted about how to write world-building

      Well, don't know where the guy's post went, but I thought I'd post this just in case he still wanted help. --------------------------------------------- Usually authors over-complicate things. You need (...)

    17. RE: Tables

      Thisll help you: Just read through the start and the visual table editor section.

    18. RE: rules for webnovels on royalroad

      9. If someone makes a list that triggers people, there's a 95% chance they're trolling There, added the last rule for you :)

    19. RE: Desperately need help with pacing.

      Most of this is an author problem. Your own intimacy with your writing creates a forced change of perception. Do you know how sometimes you use or say a word often enough that it becomes weird for you (...)

    20. RE: Help me write a synopsis.

      Okay then, what your story is about is power play in an archaic world. So your character isn't ruling by strength, but by wit - and he has to maintain his own empire while striking out against others (...)