Andrew J

Andrew J

    1. Re: Authors are disappearing left and right.

      Just to add my two cents, I deleted my original account a long time ago (think about 6 years maybe) after a successful first story. The reason is rather funny. I was embarrassed about what I wrote. It (...)

    2. Re: The Publishing Industry

      LJ's pretty on the mark. Fantasy is too over-saturated at the moment. Agents and publishers hit their quota really fast and won't take on more novels, so it doesn't matter how good your novel is. In Australia (...)

    3. Re: What does the RR audience count as "Progression"?

      It's the other way around. Progression is a very broad genre that LitRPG sits inside, though genre might be the wrong word for such a loose tag. Mainly you can consider a novel a progression story when (...)

    4. Re: Should authors trade follows & favorites?

      You're allowed to do this, bar some abuse. It's more of a 'we'll look the other way' kind of deal because it's ultimately harmless. Will it help you? a little in the short-term, never in the long-term. (...)

    5. Re: Comment section etiquette and avoiding discouraging authors?

      As an author I'd prefer you to speak your mind. Feedback is always appreciated, and general comments. Readers won't always know what's wrong, but saying 'I'm not enjoying this as much as I did' is perfectly (...)

    6. Re: How Might I add a Secondary Attachment to my Book

      I'm sure you can anchor chapters at the top of your novel page if you want to create a world-building chapter. Though I honestly wouldn't recommend it as a form of providing new details to the reader. (...)

    7. Re: A humble Deathblade here seeking enlightenment and immortality!!!!!

      Hey man, that's awesome. I've always loved the work you've done on your translations. It's hard work translating the essence of a passage from two very different languages. I'll look forward to reading (...)

    8. Re: Patreons

      Thank you guys for the feedback. It definitely gives me an idea where to start.  As much as I would love to have a multitude of chapters for a reader to read in advance, I don’t really have the time (...)

    9. Re: King’s Diversity Space Tool - What do you think

      I'm not sure this is the best forum for this, but I'll bite. It's an extension of the original problem that has plagued 'quota filling' since its inception. The idea was to target subconscious bias by (...)

    10. Re: Item shop with old borders

      I'm not a huge fan of opening up a cosmetic cash shop for the site. I don't see that as a healthy direction for the site, with it diluting the purpose of the site; to provide a free and easily available (...)

    11. Re: The Bait and Switch.

      You can do this a number of ways, but in your case I'd recommend an unreliable narrator. Use an event to establish the unreliability of the narration near the beginning and it will set the tone for the (...)

    12. Re: Collaborative Writing Test

      Sounds really interesting. I'd love to give it a go, however it turns out. Just PM me your discord details if you'd like to collaborate. I have a beard so I hope that counts as qualification.

    13. Re: How can a main character be a complete monster, but still be lovable?

      Morality is a very subjective, personal experience. It's easy to manipulate morality, and is largely defined by a person's environment and perspective. What is moral has been a constantly shifting axis (...)

    14. Re: What do you look for in a System?

      KISS is always the best method for me (keep it simple stupid). System's are just another kind of power scale. I often think of them as assistants, providing a way for people to define their journey to (...)

    15. Re: Writing GL

       I'd consider it absurd to consider having a lesbian relationship as 'gay-baiting' because you don't mention it before. I know they're saying people will react like that, but people who react like (...)

    16. Re: Writing GL

      GL and BL isn't a niche category anymore (just look at novelupdates to see how far its come) so don't stress too much. Reading the comment above, I'd consider it absurd to consider having a lesbian relationship (...)

    17. Re: My 5th 5-Star rating, 4 reviews! :)

      Congratulations! That's amazing! Just as a side note, how can you see what ratings you got? I know you can see the number of ratings on your author dashboard, but is it possible to see what rating it (...)

    18. Re: Character Name/Nickname in Narration

      It depends on your narrator voice. If the narrator is more objective / neutral, it shouldn't change regardless of any pov change. So you should establish a name choice early, say 'Ken', and keep that consistent (...)

    19. Re: Grammar suck. Help, can't do english. What?

      Hey I've had a look. It really is a second language problem as it's not a pure grammar issue, but the way you structure sentences and describe things. The way you write in English is very direct, which (...)

    20. Re: Does anyone's first chapter need some extra love?

      All requests have been satisfied!  :DrakanPopcorn: your comment and suggestion have been well received. thank you very much, it means a lot for me Hey. I had a read of your chapter (...)