Awakening: Prodigy

If you enjoy vivid imagery with a dark aesthetic then this is the story for you.

The magic in the setting is described in a layered way that relies on both the tangible and intangible blending together in a unique coniguration which I thoroughly enjoyed descriptions of.

The protagonist is a welcome departure from the norm. She's mean, knows her power, and is a bit selfish in a way that I personally found refreshing.

Overall this is a well written work with an original setting, strong worldbuilding, and interesting characters.

The [Bookworm] Who Couldn't Read

Style: The story flows well with a concise and focused writing style. The pacing is slow, but steady with enough happening each chapter to keep me engaged. There are a few abrupt scenes that have, in my opinion, too little buildup.


Grammar: There are a few issues here and there, particularly at the start, but with a couple editing passes all of it could be resolved.


Story: The story follows an MC with a peculiar class, a kingdom wide conspiracy, and the occasional bit of library politics. It's a good mix that holds interest throughout all its moving parts.  There are light litrpg elements throughout, but they're not distracting and overall add a nice additional touch to the story that emphasises the main character's progression.


Character: Now, I'm not the biggest fan of the protaganist, but that's because he's a well written 15 year old and I didn't like 15 year olds even when I was 15.  He's entitled in some ways, but feels woefully inadequate in others which is definitely something anyone whose been that age can empathize with. That being said, he also is always doing his best to make the best of a bad situation and that's a wonderful trait in a protag and makes him all the more fun to read. The other characters all have a good amount of depth and even one off characters are fleshed out in a way I feel benefits the story.


Overall: This is a solid and engaging read with a world that grows with the reader and a well written MC. The litrpg elements are enjoyable without feeling overwhelming and I'm excited to see how the story and its world grow as the story continues.

Legend of the Spellthief

Overall: This is, beyond anything else, a fun read. Everything is established well and the story flows easily. It actually took me a fair amount of effort to stop reading long enough to write this review because of how engaging it it.


Style: It's a bit barebones in terms of descriptions, but the author's use of images elevates it. I especially enjoy the character screens at the end of every chapter that give you a glimpse into how the MC is doing so far. It gives a great sense of progression.


Story: Now even at a little over 20,000 words in the story is still very much in it's developmental stages. I wouldn't necessarily call it a slow burn, because the MC is developing and taking action right away, but an overarching plot beyond him figuring out this new world has yet to be established. That being said, him figuring out the world is very well written and enjoyable in and of itself. I also appreciate that in spite of his many advantages his early decisions still hinder him and give him something to overcome.


Grammar: Very few issues. Early on there was some clunky word choice and other issues, but as the chapters progress these issues slowly disappear.


Character: I really like the MC. He's savvy and clearheaded from the beginning and he's overall quite likeable, if a bit of a blank slate. The only thing keeping me from giving the character score a 5 is that so far the MC is the only one whose really entered the story with any depth. I plan to read more and may edit this review if that changes.


If you're wondering why I gave a 5 overall when I didn't give a 5 to any individual scores it's because the story is just plain enjoyable and fun to read as a whole. It truly manages to be greater than the sum of its parts.

From the Outworld

A story that knows what it is and what it wants to

Overall 5

This is one of those rare stories in which you can tell that author knows what they want to do inside and out.  The story is moving forward in a way that is building up mysteries, relationships, and the world in ways that one can just tell will lead to a satisfying payoff.


Style 3.5

For me, a lot of the story reads a bit like YA. I don't mean that in a disparaging way, but there's a lot of tell and not as much show as I would prefer. That being said, the author is building a world from scratch and that necesitates some broader exposition than less original stories would require.


Grammar 3.5

Very solidly written, but there's some clunky word choices throughout. They're not bad enough to detract from the story, but they did occasionally take me out of it.


Story 5

This is clearly a well plotted piece of work. Everything is woven together in a very professional way. The story manages to be both character and plot driven in a way that I rarely see executed this well. I've seen some criticism in the other reviews of the pacing. I think the reason for that is that they're used to reading faster paced stories here on RR, but Wild Meridian is paced much more like a traditional book. If you enjoy a solid mystery, dysfunctional family dynamics and a delightful sprinkling of tragedy, they're all here waiting for you.


Characters 5

This is where the story really shines. The author has done an excellent job developing dynamic and real characters. They seem a bit archtypical at first, but you quickly begin to see their depth even early in the story. What I like about them the most is that they act in ways I, the reader, did not expect, but which still made sense for the characters as they'd been developed. 


If you enjoy character driven mysteries with supernatural undercurrents, definitely give this story a shot.